Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where you lay your head...

I mentioned earlier that Mr. and I have been married for almost 12 years and during this time we've moved a lot! The first place we lived was a small one bedroom apartment. It was cute and ugly all at the same time, lol. Yet, it was our first home. We lived there for about a year, then we found this beautiful house and we just had to have it. So we signed our life away and we now had a three bedroom home that we got to pick out all the decor and everything. This is where I brought home my little buddy.
Then things went south, very way south, and it seemed like it happened so fast. My marriage was in trouble, we were losing our home, I didn't have a job and my husband's job had lost a lot of business. It felt like a whirlwind. We let the house go and moved to another apartment, then a house, to the house right next door to that one, to another house across town, to where we are now! Not only have we moved a lot but it's been about every year!!! Now we are looking to move again, this time to a more permanent home. I have learned that where I lay my head is my home it doesn't matter what it looks like or where it's located, my family is there with me.
So today I am thankful for the fact that I do have somewhere to lay head. I am thankful for the food in cabinets and in the refrigerator. I am thankful for the ability to have the money to heat it up so my children will not freeze. I am thankful for the beds and blankets, the furniture and everything else that helps to make it a home for my children. I am thankful that God is first in this home, as for me and my house we will serve Him always!

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