Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I love me some coffee. I used to not drink, but now I practically live on it. I can drink it hot or cold. I have to make a pot a day and I usually drink the whole thing, (I share a cup or two with my Mr. if he wants some).

I love going to Starbucks. It is intoxicating when you pull up and the aroma hits you as you enter the parking lot. It draws you in and you automatically become giddy. I love when I can sit down and sip my coffee. I like watching the people as they hurry in and out. I could sit there for hours, especially if I am with a friend. My little buddy loves going to Starbucks and he even knows how to order his drink, lol!

I am thankful that I have something that can keep me up and keep me going when I need it the most.

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