Friday, May 25, 2012

Attachment Parenting...breastfeeding

I will tell you now that I am NOT an expert on breastfeeding. I have breastfed one child for 6 weeks. And I attempted to breastfeed baby number 2 and she refused to breastfeed.

One thought that I have though, and yes I have used formula, is: Why do formula companies try to mimic breast milk if breast milk is best? I understand that some HAVE to use formula but I feel like the companies make you feel like this is just as good. They are giving an easy way out. With both of my babies I had to use the most expensive kind because they were so very sensitive and it was NOT cheap by no means. We spent $100 to $150 a month on formula alone! (Thank God I found cloth diapers or we would have the added expense of that as well. CRAZY!)  That is why I have to be successful with baby Sweetums.

As I have said, so not an expert what do you do? I say do your own research. This is what I am planning on doing before baby's arrival in November:

1: Find my local La Leche League - I have heard good things about them and how much they help when you feel like giving up. I am hoping to start seeing them a couple months before baby is here so I can be well informed on some techniques that will be helpful.

2. Where I live (I'm sure they are near you too) I have a couple of places that will be holding a breastfeeding class. I plan on taking at least one of them. I think that this will be just as helpful.

3. I also think it would be good to join a support group. I mean a small group of moms (really close friends, moms, family) that have breastfed and have been successful. They will be your biggest cheerleaders!

Should you or should you not breastfeed? That is not for me to answer. You have to be the judge of what's best for you:) I have done it both ways and plan on being fully successful with baby Sweetums. I can't tell you what to do because it is your body. If you feel 6 weeks is good enough, or straight up formula, or you breastfeed until your baby is 3 years old. It is full your decision, just do your research so you can make the best choice for you, your situation, and your family!:)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Attachment wearing

Here we go onto the next subject...Baby wearing! I have to admit that I am in love with "wearing" my baby. Here is a picture...

I started off with the Moby. I knew a lot of moms with this brand and said that it made "baby wearing" a lot smoother. It never hurt my back and I would wear her while I typed, cooked, cleaned, walked the dogs, went to the name I wore her through it. If I had known about the ones for the shower when she was this little then I would have worn her there too! I also have a sling and I thought it was a little easier to wear. It was easier to get her in and out of that one anyways. If I had one that I could wear her on my back then I would, especially when she is having a bad day. I will be looking for one in November!!!

I felt most comfortable "wearing" her. I knew that she was safe, especially in the store. No one really "touched" her when she was a baby. So she stayed healthy the only time she was sick was when she had a severe ear ache from teething! She was also diagnosed with severe reflux and needed to be held in an upright position for at the very least 20 minutes after eating. She was a slow eater and then to have to hold for the additional time I was holding her for about an hour every time. This was a good solution for us. She also was diagnosed with hypotonia and the doctor suggested wearing her because it could help to improve her movements because she would feel me move. In this way it was kind of therapeutic for her. I was happy to help:)

I did wear Little Buddy when he was a baby. He probably weighed about 10 lbs at the time and I wore him with a Snuggli and HATED every minute of it. I was in tears about 30 minutes in, I couldn't believe that it hurt me that badly to wear something that was so tiny. Never again did I wear him. It was the stroller always! :)

Benefits to "wearing" your baby:
* Fact: most babies cry less when they are held.
* They naturally feel calmer and have a greater sense of security
* It  is a convenient way to provide this warmth and security as you are going about your daily routine.
* I know that she is happy.

Cons to baby wearing:
* You don't normally carry a stroller so there is no where to put items if you go shopping.
* Makes it a little difficult to go to the bathroom.
* Sometimes it's difficult to carry your baby bag.
* Insert yours here______________?

I will say that you do HAVE to wear your baby in the correct way! Your baby's head should always be close enough to kiss. If you can't kiss their head they are too low and you will hurt your baby or yourself. Read reviews, ask your friends, and research the carrier that you are interested in buying. You may be surprised that someone may have one that you can try out before you buy! I have tried a couple and still haven't found that "perfect" back carrier. This is something that you will wear so make sure that you are comfortable. You wouldn't buy your clothes/shoes too little or too big and the same here!:) You want to feel confident in your carrier and know that your baby is safe.

What's your thoughts? What's your favorite carrier?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I recently saw this article posted on FB "Parenting: Attachment Parenting Does More Harm than Good". It was written by John Rosemond and you can view it here.

I want to make clear that I am in no way a doctor and I'm not saying that my way or what I have learned over the years is right. You have to follow your own heart when raising your own children and there are several parenting books and people that will give you advice. What I do think is wrong is that he calls attachment parenting "destructive propaganda".  So I am going to write on the three subjects that he hit on...

1. Co-Sleeping
2. Baby Wearing
3. Breastfeeding

I will be splitting up this into 3-4 different segments and tell why I parent the way that I do:) Let's get to reading! First up is co-sleeping.

First Baby (Little Buddy) was a different kind of baby. Let me explain first of all he didn't sleep all night until he was 3 years old. When he was a a newborn I did try to breastfeed him and found it easier to sleep with him. He did nap in his bed, unless I napped too. We tried the bed hundreds of times. He would throw up within 15 minutes of being put in the crib. I soon figured out that he was doing this on purpose. So I would layer him and his bed. Then when he did throw up I could take off the first layer of pjs and the first layer of bedding, kiss him and listen to him scream for hours. Yes, he screamed for hours, He would scream so loud that you could hear him outside of the house. I was also scared that someone would call the police of child services because this was nightly. I finally gave in and he slept with me. We both slept better anyways.
When he was a little older I could lay down with him to get him to sleep and then leave his room. He would sleep all night for the most part. Then he began to have seizures in his sleep and my husband went to night shift so I again allowed him to sleep with me. He finally went back into his bed when I felt that he was ok and my husband's shift changed again. I believe his was five, maybe six years old.

Baby girl - I had every intention that she was NOT going to sleep with me. Yet, she hated her mattress in the bed that we had and I couldn't fix it. So she slept in a laundry basket beside me. (She also would stop breathing in her sleep, which scared me to pieces!) When she got too big for the basket I didn't have anywhere for her to go- we lived in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment - so guess where she went? Yep, in the bed with me. Still to this day she wakes up at least twice a night for something to drink. It drives me a little crazy but at least I don't have to hear her scream at night. We will hopefully be transitioning her into her own bed really soon:)

As for baby number 3 due in November. The bed will be located in my room and I pray that this baby sleeps! I pray that I am able to get him/her into their own bed and they sleep peacefully all night.

Benefits of Co-Sleeping:
•Babies go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

•More mothers feel better rested.

•It promotes breastfeeding and helps by making it a little easier.

•Research suggests that babies have stronger emotional relationships with their parents and with other people.

•When parents take sleep safety precautions it reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Cons of Co-Sleeping:
Many will complain, or say that there simply is not enough research to agree with all of the above benefits to co-sleeping.
I say if you are not comfortable sleeping with your baby then don't do it, because you will just complain about it:) If you are one who is a strong parent and can listen to your baby cry until they are asleep then go for it, I personally am not that strong.

I also think that this should be a decision that a husband and wife decide together. If one of you disagree then try to find a solution, such as placing a baby bed beside yours or a crib in your room. Or the baby goes in their own room:) It's up to you because you are their parent!

What's your thoughts?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

I am very proud to be a mother. I have been pregnant four times, now. And with each one I automatically connected the moment that I knew that I was pregnant. I am thankful that I have two of my children here with me and one that is growing within, and the one that we lost will be loved on in heaven until we can't join her there.

I believe that you become a mother the moment you conceive. I believe that you become a mother if you become a stepmother to a child that you didn't give birth too, because God has called you to that position and you may be the only mother that he/she will know. I believe that you become a mother the moment you first landed your eyes on the one that you are going to adopt. No matter what the situation the first moment your heart melted is that moment for you.

I pray that all my "mother's" that read this have a very blessed Mother's Day! I pray that your day is filled with joy and laughter and take a moment to enjoy the little things that you may not be able to throughout the week.

Happy Mother's Day!  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Diva Cup Review and Giveaway!

This post is just for LADIES! Just forewarning the men before I began talking on the topic at hand:)

I was given the opportunity to review the DivaCup and I was excited to be able to as well! I have heard nothing but amazing praises for this product and couldn't wait. It came in the mail and then I panicked! My first thought was what if it doesn't work? What if I can't figure it out? And all the more questions kept coming...

When it was finally "time" to use it, I gently took it from the box and read all the instructions twice (lol, I really didn't want to mess it up). The DivaCup was very easy to bend and the instructions they give were very good, all my worries began to slowly go away. I became a little more confident. It did take me a couple of months to really get the hang of it and then I fell in love with this product and then I got pregnant:) I will be using this again after the baby arrives.
I received a #2 DivaCup (for women that have had children, a #1 is for women that have not, check out their website for more details about sizing). Like I just said it was very easy to read the instructions and I was able to insert it with ease, once I got the hang of it. I was very impressed how much "fluid" it held and how well it worked for me. I like the fact that it is clean and doesn't have chemicals in it that can hurt me. I like the fact that I can wear it for 12 hours! Yes, your heard that right. How many times have you been stuck and unable to go to the bathroom to "change" something? Or you can even sleep in it and wake up to no mess!:) Overall, I really liked this product and hope that you will too!

Just a few facts from their website...
The DivaCup is a non-absorbent menstrual cup that simply collects menstrual flow. It is inserted in the vagina and sits at the lower base of the vaginal canal. It is worn internally, yet because it is soft and smooth, it cannot be felt nor will it leak when inserted properly.
The DivaCup is the most clean and convenient method of feminine hygiene protection. No need to touch the flow. It is worn low in the vagina, not near the cervix, so it is easy to remove. No mess!

The DivaCup ends hassles with unreliable disposables in endless absorbencies, shapes and styles. It is perfect for all activities – giving women true freedom without the worry, guessing and unreliability that disposable feminine hygiene products pose.

The DivaCup can be worn for up to 12 hours before emptying, washing and reinserting for use for    another 12 hours. It can be used for light or moderate flows and is emptied more often to accommodate heavy flows. Perfect for overnight use.

The DivaCup’s expert, proprietary, patent-pending features make it comfortable and assures ease of use and reliability. Perfect for traveling, running, biking, hiking, dancing, camping, swimming, diving, scuba, yoga, extreme sports and more...

It is:
*   Latex-free, BPA-free, plastic-free
*   No dyes, colors or additives
*   Comfortable, reliable
*   Clean, convenient, easy-to-use
*   Worn for up to 12 hours at a time

Are you just to eager to buy your own Diva Cup then you can find a store here or buy it now online!

Diva Cup is generously giving one of my amazing readers one of their own!