Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What does thankful mean?

We were at the dinner table last night and the question came up, "What does thankful mean?" Thankful means to be grateful, or full of thanks. Somedays it may feel like everything is falling apart around us but we can find something to be thankful for regaurdless. My family has been through a lot in the past 12 years and when the "poo" hits the fan I tend to paninc first and then I go into my prayer closet not just to pray, but to lift up praises. I know that when I praise God in EVERY circumstance, not just the good ones but the bad ones too, He can move mountains.

So I explained to my little buddy that when you receive something you usually say "Thank you!", (or at least you should). This time of year we forget to sit down and really think about what we are thankful for in our lives because we are too busy. Next month brings the hustle and bustle of Christmas and I know that my little buddy will have a list a mile long of all the things that he would like to have, (I sure do miss him being little and not realizing what Christmas was) and I know that I will not be able to get everything on that list, but he will be thankful for everything that he will get. I so badly want him to learn this concept this month and see that he has a lot to be thankful for, as well as myself and the Mr.

Today is day #2 and I am so thankful for my Salvation. God loves me so very much that He sent His ONLY Son to take my place. God bankrupted Heaven for me!!! Of course He did this for you too, but if I was the only one that accepted Him, He still would have died for me. I don't think anyone here on earth loves me enough to die for me, but Jesus did. Not only that, but when I am in need He goes before God the Father and helps plead my case. He doesn't charge me for this nor does He want anything in return other than my love in return. So why should my praises, thanksgiving, ever end? They shouldn't. Thank you Jesus for taking my place and loving me so much. I don't deserve it, but you freely gave up your life so I can give you mine.

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