Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The School Meeting

We met with my little buddy's teacher tonight. Not only did we meet with his teacher, but his para pro, speech teacher, and the Assistant Principal. WOW! I know!!! They knew that I was extremely upset with the fact that they are allowing him to fail. When he brings home 5 U's in one week that spans work done over the past two weeks there is a HUGE problem. He also gets in trouble (grounded) for ALL U's brought home. I try to keep an open mind, but for the most part if I know that it was all him and nothing else (if he has an open-book test and still fails because he refuses to go look for the answers and he just picks one then yes he does get into trouble).
First of all, if he is failing the same type of work over and over again, week after week, then let's see if we can figure out a solution. If he fails a test that I KNOW that he knew the answers to and the rest of the class passed the test then let's make sure that he knows the material. The test, or work, should be evaluated immediately. No exceptions! I shouldn't get it 2-3 weeks later and be expected to go over the work with him and expect him to remember the topic. Really, that is not cool at all.
I know that he has issues with reading and comprehension so we should be able to re-evaluate how things are done. Nothing was really accomplished tonight. We are going to have to have an official IEP meeting and sit down for an hour or two and hash this situation out. I may have made his teacher feel bad, but she doesn't send home work after it's done. For example, He took a test 2 weeks ago, failed it and I just saw the grade tonight. Why? I told her that this is unacceptable. I have told her before that I am willing to come in to: read, grade papers, make copies, ect. So she had no excuse to not get his work to me. If it was the other way around she wouldn't accept homework two weeks late just because life is busy and we didn't have time.

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Autumn said...

I know what you mean, I'm unsure of your sons age, mine is 14 and in December I yanked him out of school. The schools are failing our children, I have no doubt. However, not the children who increase the overall scores of the schools, just the ones that lower it.