Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Happy Leap Day! I just sent out the emails to all the winners:) Hope to hear from the winners soon!!!

Little Bear Bums! - Katie B

Wahmies - Med. WetBag - Ashley T.
Wahmies - Pail Liner - Elizabeth E.

JuJuBe - BFF Diaper Bag - Jen B.

Blissful Booty - Kim J.

Kissed by the Moon - Amanda F.

Rocking Green - Emily G.

I am so very thankful for everyone's participation. I am very grateful for all the sponsors for this I <3 Cloth event. I hope you all had fun and hope that you all have a very blessed day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just a few of my favorites...

I believe all the giveaways have been posted and I hope that you were able to enter as many as possible:) Next week (Leap Day) all the winners will be posted and you will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen!

Here are a few items that are my favorites and I hope to write about them today and Friday so allow me to share with you in no specific order...

First up is Aliyah's Hope Chest!

I won this adorable fleece soaker from Misadventures of a Family of 8. Aliyah's Hope Chest also has amazingly adorable items in her Etsy shop! If you go check out her FB page (click on her name above) then tell her that I sent you:) I have really enjoyed this soaker. It NEVER leaks and I use it at night all the time because it is jsut simply amazing:) it is very well put together and very simple.

Next...Marshmallow Fluff!

This is the fitted closed the print:D

All the buttons! You can fold down the front to make the rise shorter.

There is a soaker sewn in:)

This is the first fitted that I have won. I was able to pick this cute fabric and waited. I do like it alot and I use it every week. I am glad that this fitted will be able to last a while (size) because right now she is a heavy wetter and I should have thought about that before picking my fabric. I really am waiting on summer to get here and this will be perfect to go outside and play in the yard and allow her bum to breathe. I would love it if you would go say hi to her and check out her page as well:)

And finally United by Fluff...

Love simple packaging...

Amazing fabric choices...

Extremely soft Minkee on the backside!

If you have a baby in diapers then you know then you have to have wipes:). When I first started out I used the disposable ones and as time went on I thought this is so gross and I thought I would rather wash them... So I pulled the ones that I had out of hiding and went for it. It really depends on you how you want to store them, wet or dry. Some people put them in a wipe warmer (google it) or leave them dry and just spray with water or wipe solution. I found its easier to keep them dry and wet them when I need to use them.

These wipes are so silky so soft!!! Right after I opened them I gave one to my daughter and she rubbed it on her face, smiled and ran away with it! She didn't want to give it back to me:)

The more that I wash them the softer they get. I have several wipes and these are my favorites! If you get a chance to go say Hi to her and check out her amazing wipes then tell her that I sent you:)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rockin' Green Review & Giveaway!

At the very start of choosing cloth diapers I was told that I had to take really good care of my diapers and that also meant finding an awesome detergent. I searched and searched and then my "diaper lady contact" posted about Rockin' Green!

I was a little skeptic about buying detergent just for my diapers. Not that I didn't want the product I just didn't know how much I needed it. Being on this journey of cloth diapers I was finding a lot of good things about becoming a little more green for our family. I sold hubby on the idea and bought my first bag! Trust me, I found out how much I needed it:)

Borrowed this pic from their site...

I performed what is called a "soak" (a.k.a. Rockin' the Soak). I let them sit overnight and boy that water was dirty! I was thrilled that it was working:) I went ahead and washed them as directed and rinsed, rinsed, and rinsed! My diapers came out like new. I had a couple of diapers that had stains originally and now they were GONE! I was impressed! My diapers smelled like "nothing". The scent that was meant for me had washed out and you really don't want your diapers to smell used. Again, impressive! They had my heart that very first day. I have been a loyal customer ever since and that was about a year ago:) Since that first wash they have improved their formula and I love it even more!

I have also tried a couple of different scents but "Lavender Mint" is my favorite! I love that they put the amazing aroma in the bag just for you. Believe me after the wiff of dirty diapers you'll appreciate the awesome smell of Rockin' Green. They have several scents for you to choose from and even unscented:)

I have used Rockin' Green for other things as well! Here is my list:
1. I have used in the dishwasher when I ran out of detergent.
2. My hubby used it to clean the shower head in our bathroom, he dismanteled it to clean it:)
3. I have used it to clean up after the dog's accidents, yes I have had a couple of those:( But you would never be able to tell thanks to Rocking Green.
4. I have used it on my husband's work clothes. He gets very greasy and dirty where he works and this was awesome on his clothes.
5. I have used it as a stain remover on baby clothes.
6. I have used it to get fingernail polish out of the carpet! (It was Piggy Paint and baby girl spilled it:( I rushed to get some water and some Rocking Green and it came up NO STAIN!)

These are examples off the top of head and I am sure they have been more:) I have also signed up for Rockin' Green's 52 Weeks. They send weekly emails on how to use Rocking Green in other ways!

They have 3 different types of formula's: Soft Rock, Classic Rock, and Hard Rock:) This way no matter what type of water you have Rockin' Green should work for you!

They have several other items such as:
Funk Rock! For all your stinkes:)
Dog House Rock...for your dog:)
Femme Rock! This is a new product just for your Mama Cloth:)

They have a neat litle scooper for your detergent (I use a TBSP from the kitchen but this would be neat to have:)) They have pail fresheners and even some spray! They even have bundles for you which make awesome gifts or even for yourself!

So are you ready to Rock your Laundry? They were so excited to be a part of this event that they wanted to share the love and you are going to be able to win a bag of your very own!!! Just enter via the Rafflecopter below...

Friday, February 17, 2012

CJ's BUTTer Review and Giveaway!

If you have cloth diapers then you need a "safe" butt cream for rashes. This was a whole new area for me. I always loved "brand x" and would run too it. After reading and reasearching I found out that "brand x" could ruin my diapers. So what do I do now? Well, I have used coconut oil (read here) and it worked but what else was out there???

Kissed by the Moon sent me some CJ's BUTTer to review!

Borrowed this pic from their site...

I received a CJ's BUTTer Stick (.75 oz.) in Sea Spice scent. So far I've used it a few times and it does work really well. Baby girl doesn't get too many rashes but sometimes she does. When she does it's not good, and I feel really bad for her. She is so funny and she asks (points to it) and says "This?" I am very excited that we have found something that works for us.

Did you know that CJ's BUTTer has other uses?

CJ’s BUTTer™ has been used on adults and children to help relieve:
dry/chapped skin
rug burns (sore ‘crawler’ knees)
mechanics’ hands and cuticles
rub a small amount on your hands and use as a leave-in conditioner for your curls

Please visit thier site to learn more ways CJ's BUTTer can be used.

I am really excited to know that it is an all nautral product. I have been trying this product for about a month+ and I haven't had any repelling in the diapers. I also haven't noticed any stains. With "brand x" I had to use liners to protect my diapers but with CJ'a BUTTer I didn't have to:) It is not greasy or sticky and with it in stick form it is amazingly easy to use! It does come in unscented or in an array of scents.

I was really impressed that it could be used in several ways. I think we might have to get a couple more of these and use them for tangles and one for the diaper bag. I am starting to love this new product and I am excited that you are going to get a chance to win your very own! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blissful Booty Review and Giveaway!

I won an original Blissful Booty about a year ago and fell in love, you can read that review HERE. I was impressed with the softness and ease of that first diaper that I bought some more. I was recently blessed to be able to review a new OS Blissful Booty Perfect Pocket Diaper and they stole my heart again!

I received the "Diva" Blissful Booty Pocket Diaper. I am loving the hot pink minkee outside liner. It's even prettier in person, I promise! It is so super soft! I also recieved a microfiber insert and a bamboo insert.
The inside is super soft as well. It hasn't pilled either. I love that it cleans up easily.

Oh how I LOVE me some gussets on a diaper! I truly do! For me it just gives an extra sense of security:) (Sorry if the picture is a little dark.)
They have inner and outer leg gussets to help contain messes! So that means double protection for my own sake of mind:)

I also love the fit on this diaper! This is the diaper double stuffed becasue we are getting ready for bed:)Another neat feature is the gentle front and back waist elastic for added protection against leaks. We woke up to no leaks! I double stuffed it with two microfiber inserts. It didn't seem to be too bulky and totally worked my heavy wetter. I have to be honest. I haven't used the bamboo insert. I am still "priming it" so I can use it:) I didn't know that there was some before effort but I have heard that they benefits are worth it!

Booty Shot! Hehehe! I love little booty's in fluff, especially when they are this soft:)

I copied this picture from Blissful Booty's website:) I think her picture does an excellent job of showing you the buttons and any features that you may want to know.

They have the wrap around snap to roll up the dirty diapers and snap closed until time for washing. The inserts agitate out in the wash so you don’t have to pull out dirty inserts! Less work for me and I love that I don't have to mess with it if it was "dirty". The pocket opening is large and easy to stuff.

The snap up rise design gives you 3 rise size options plus all the snaps at the waist this diaper could easily fit most babies from 7 -35+ pounds.

Their outer waterproof layer of TPU comes in many color and print choices (including several in soft and cuddly Minkee) and keeps wetness in, while the inner layer of stay dry suedecloth wicks moisture away from delicate baby skin.

The snap waist closure features double row color coordinated snaps for security as well as a crossover option for tiny newborn waists.I found the snaps works best for us, she has conquered velcro. The double row also seemed to give us a snug fit.

I also received a bumper sticker that says, "If your diaper isn't Cloth, its garbage!"!!!! I loved it so much it immediately went on my car! :)

Well, I have to spread the love! So who is ready to win their very own Blissful Booty Perfect Pocket Diaper in your choice of color/print? Just enter below!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ju Ju Be Review and Giveaway!

I was given a couple of diaper bags for my baby shower but I always seem to lose things in them. Do you know what I mean? I have emptied out the entire bag several times to look for a pacifier or my keys or a tube of lip gloss. Because I cloth diaper it is even harder for me to find a bag that I adore.

Then Ju Ju Be entered my life and made it all easier! I have fallen in LOVE with thier bags, literally! I was sent a bag to review and it was called the BFF. It is purple and so very pretty!!!
I love the pattern!

This is called the "Mommy Pocket". I put my keys, wallet, phone, makeup, gum, pen...anything that I think I will this pocket. I love all the pockets and space in this one little section. The black bag pocket is actually for your sunglasses and it cleans them while it's in the pocket! (Haven't tried this feautres because I wear glasses and don't get to wear sunglasses too often.)

This little pocket right above the Mommy Pocket is lined with soft interior some times my phone goes in here or I put here pacifier in here so I can find it easily!

There are two of these pockets on the outside. I am always running out the door just a few hours and I used to pack her a little cooler for her more! These pockets on the side are insulated with "Thinsulate by 3M". They keep her bottles cold for about 2-3 hours!!! (They keep things cold or warm...whatever your need is!) I love that I now have extra room on the inside of her bag for things that I need for cool weather like a blanket or jacket:)

Did I mention that I LOVE pockets!!! This bag has got the pockets! I can put all kinds of things in here! I can pack her diapers, wipes, wetbag, change of clothes, socks, any meds if needed, babylegs, blanket, hat and jacket and still have room. I really like that the inside is a light color because it's easier for me to find what I need when I need it! I have not lost anything in this bag:)

This is the changing pad and it is made of memory foam so it is super sofy and cushy! I love the different colors so I know how to keep up with which side to use and clean up:)

Oh and it also has it's own pocket on the back!

It also turns into a back pack!!! It comes with two extra padded handles for this feature. I love this feature because if I need my arms free then I know that I can still have my bag...perfect for the moms that like to get out to the park and you can keep it with you and still play with your baby!

All of the hardware on this bag is METAL. Not the hope it doesn't give out on me plastic...all metal! All the zippers are smooth and quiet. I love that they even made it a little girlie and placed a gem on the zipper tags:)

A couple of things that I would like to mention as well...
* It has TEFLON Fabric Protecttor - stains don't stick!
* AgION Antimicrobial Linings - kills germs, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other bad stuff!
* It has a crumb drain pocket - bye, bye, mess! (If you have a little one you have
* Did I mention that this bag is machine washable? Well it is and it keeps its shape! Just air dry:)

This is my bag COMPLETLY STUFFED with all that I need!I packed the "goldfish", blanket, wetbag, 4 diapes, a change of pants, socks, wipes, my stuffe is in the front pocket (sorry forgot to open it up), a bottle...and I still have room!!!

I will say that it took a minute for me to get used to having everything so organinized that I thought I was forgeting know how you run through that mental check list as you are walking out the door? I know that this is an amazing bag and I can't wait for you to win your very own! I hope that you love your BFF bag as much as I do mine!

So are you ready to win you very own bag? They have some AMAZING colors and prints! I think I might have to get one more...hehehe! Right now this is like my purse...can't have too many purses right? LOL! Enter via rafflecopter below!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zookies Review and Discount!

I have been so blessed to be a newbie and find an awesome PUL cover that I have loved:) I first heard of Zookies through a giveaway at Christmas (2010) and I won one of her covers! I think it was the first thing that I have ever won. You can read my exciting review HERE.

Have you heard of Zookies? Well, if you haven't then you are about too! First of all I love all her prints! She has an amazing assortment. She makes them sized or one sized, hip snaps, the flaps on the inside to hold the prefold in if you use it flat. I have not been disappointed at all by any of her products

She has recently made some changes to her onesize cover and I got to review it! I have one of the original onesize covers and you can read that review HERE. I was excited to recieve the newer version and tell you what I think....

Don't you just love the monkey's!!!!

LOVING all the snaps!!!

I had to show you the inside of the diaper...

I love all the snaps! They don't line up perfectly, what I mean is that depending on what cover I have her in I can make it tighter or looser. They make the fit so much easier than me trying to line it up perfectly with a wiggly toddler. The extra sanps has also helped with the dreaded "wing" that tends to hang down. We have NOT had that problem at all and she wears this cover weekly.

I love that the fit seems to be a little trimmer that the original one which helps with bulkiness. I also love that the legs are snug:) But not so snug that they leave marks.

Overall, I am etremely impressed with all of Zookies diaper covers. It doesn't matter what prefold I have on her they seem to just hug her perfectly. I love that they have NEVER leaked and they keep everything in where it belongs. I have shared the love of these covers with everyone that I know and now I am sharing it with you all! She was so happy to be a part of this event and wanted to give all my readers a discount!

The code is: lovebug15

It will give you 15% off any of her diaper covers but you only have until the 14th of February!!! So head over there and check out Zookies and you will not be disappointed!

If you find her of Facebook then tell her THANK YOU!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Wahmies Review and Giveaway!!!!

One of the most important things to have when you go out for a day with cloth diapers is a "wetbag". It holds your dirty diapers until you get home. My favorite brand is Wahmies. When I bought my set of diapers they came with 2 wetbags, a medium and a small ( Wahmies has a lot of different prints and sizes.

The largest bag measures 16"x20". I have used this several times! I use it when I know that we are going to be gone ALL day! It have fit about 10 diapers in this bag before. It has a handle attached to it so it easliy hangs over a door knob. It makes a perfect "away pail". This bag doesn't have to be used for diapers it can be used for many other purposes too! I have known people to use them for a change of clothes for potty training accidents. You can use them for swim suits, lunches, and toiletries.

The medium size bag measures "13x15". This is my favorite bage because it is perfect for thouse outings that you are going to be gone for about half the day. It holds about 6-8 diapers depending on the size of diapers. I can easily fits 5-6 bulky diapers in this bag. You don't have to use it just for diapers. You can also use this bag for mulit purposes as well!

The smallest wet bag measures 7"x9". It is perfect for going for a guick outing wear you mayonly need one diaper change. It is perfect as a boo boo bag, a makeup up bag, mama cloth. I have also used it to carry my wipes and a small bottle of solution:) I have 2 of these bags.

This is the handle on the "ALL day bag".

I am extremely pleased with all of my bags from wahmies. I especially love the scent tag. It is made of help french terry or hemp fleece. If I know I'm going to be out for long periods of time then I can my favorite oil scent (or tea tree oil) on the tab and it will smell good all day.

I also have a pail liner from Wahmies and it also comes with a scent tag. Because I don't wash diapers but every 3 to 4 days this comes in handy. I think it helps to keep the odor down. It measure 29" long and it is my fanorite pail liner. I went with a deep green color and it works perfectly!

All your wetbags and pail liner can be washed with you diapers! I have had a majority of these bags for about a year or longer and love them! I wanted to share this with all my Coffee Adicts:) and she was so excited that she wanted to share the love with all of you! Wahmies was excited to participate and wants to give you the opprtunity to have your own wet bag or pail liner. So we will have two winners for this giveaway. The first winner will get thier choice of wetbag and the second their choice of pail liner color. Just enter usuing the rafflecopter form below!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Bear Bums Review and Giveaway!

I am honored to host a review for Little Bear Bums:) The owner, Amy, is super friendly and is very helpful! So are you itching to see what I got to review???

Sorry that it is sideways....
I received this awesome fleece cover in a size medium! It feels like it is 2 layers of fleece. The outside is a beige color and the inside is white. Lots of buttons! I think she will be able to wear this cover for a while.

A close up on the front...notice the "scrunchiness" of the back! Love it! The buttons can overlap too!

I love the legs! NO matter what prefold I have on her this cover hugs her legs and doesn't leave any marks:)

I loved this cover! It is so soft! It was an awesome day or night diaper. Like I said before, she is a very heavy wetter and this with held the night time test for her. She woke up with NO wetness anywhere to be found but in her diaper. I love this diaper as a day time diaper because it NEVER leaks! I have had this cover for a couple of months and it is AMAZING:) I love the snaps because she has conquered the velcro diapers and with snaps she can't get it off....hehehehe! She has recently redesigned them a little so please check out her store and find out what she did...

I also received a couple of fitteds! I received one in yellow and one in purple....

I loved that they were wrapped in twine, so simple and elegant:)
A couple of things I want to point out in this pic...1. it is layered in the middle! Extra protection right where you need it:) and 2. the legs works like gussets! They fit perfectly around her legs to keep EVERYTHING in the diaper where it is supposed to stay!
I love, love, love these fitteds. I am wanting more of these because they were so easy to use. No prefolding them and trying to keep Baby Girl still enough while I try to get it on her. It is almost as fast as the cover themselves. They hold up very well and I would totally recommend these to anyone! Like I said the "scrunchiness" (don't you love my made up word?!) of the leg helped to keep everything in the diaper. I have also used these with the other covers that I love them! They also seem to be less bulky than other prefolds.

My Baby Girl playing in her Little Bear Bum cover before bed!

So are you ready to win a cover and a fitted for your little one???
****I also decided that you can follow me via Google + or Facebook:):):)***************

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not every prefold is the same...

I have found this to be VERY true! I swore that I would NEVER use the ones that you have to fold because that is just too much...HA! I actually almost love them more somedays.With the right cover and a good brand they never have leaked on me!

I originally bought Brand X prefolds because I had won a Zookies cover (review of that cover is here). I also won a Snappi. A Snappi is a stretchy "t" looking thing that is used to hold the prefold together.

The Sea Green "T" shaped thing is what a Snappi looks like. I prefer these over pins because they are super fast when your baby is wiggly:)

I needed something to put on her so she could wear this beautiful cover. But I was finding out that 1: she is was I call an extreme pee pee girl, and 2: I was having to change her every 30 minutes. CRAZY!!! So we only did these at home because I had to change her constantly.

What really threw me for a loop was when I was talking to someone and they said that their baby sleeps in a prefold and a wool cover all night and wakes up with no leaks. How could that be? There was no way we could make it all night and her be okay and not have any leaks in this Brand X prefold.
So I asked around and a lot of people were using Osocozy Prefolds. Could they really be that different? Could they hold up for more thatn 30 minutes? I was curious and so I hunted for them.

Being a stay at home mom though I had to find the best price and I found them I got 5 of them for $10, brand new too! When they arrived I laughed because these things were HUGE! My first thought was, "What have I done?, These will never fit my baby!". I heard that they ran a little big and once you wash them they shrink and become much softer. After I washed them they were right. Osocozy prefolds shrunk considerably and were super soft! I now understood how they could last longer...

I laid beside each  other and you can tell a difference in the thickness....
I laid them on top of each other to show the difference as well.
I also laid them folded side by side...Now you can see why the Osocozy holds up way better next top Brand X.

The white on is Brand X and the brown one is the Osocozy. I have washed them SEVERAL times now and they just keep getting fuller and softer!

So for any first timers like me spend a little time researching and find a good brand of prefolds and don't go with Brand X to diaper your baby:)

I also Googled how to fold them and the Angel Fold works best for us. 

I "heart" Cloth!

Welcome to my first HUGE event! I am super excited about this and even more excited about the sponsor's that I have that wanted to participate:) I have been planning and writing and trying to keep this secret for a LONG time and now it has finally arrived! Can you tell that I am a little excited? Wanna sneak peak of the list??? Here is a couple...

Little Bear Bums
and a few more....

This entire month will be informational and fun all at the same time. First I am going to tell you a little about me, just in case if you are new:) I have been cloth diapering for about a year and a half, I like to think of myself as a "Seasoned Rookie". I chose to cloth diaper because I desperately wanted to stay home with my new little one for as long as I possibly could. I looked at all the figures and gave them to my husband and he agreed to let me. I don't think he was totally on board but he is all about saving money. After a year I had only spent about $450 on cloth diapers and accessories instead of about $1200 on disposables, (You can read my post on that here.) After her arrival we found out that she was allergic to disposables so we felt like we made a good choice:)

I will admit that I am now a little addicted to their cuteness. They come in all colors and prints. I actually use them to accessorize her outfits sometimes! They really are better for our enviroment and if I take really good care of them I can save them for baby number 3, (hubby just rolled his! Or I can resell them for a descent price. Most of the diapers that you are going to see this month I have had since day one.

I hope you enjoy this "I heart Cloth" journey with me. If you have any questions please let me know!

Rules for all giveaways:

You have to follow me on Google+, I have heard rumor that they are getting rid of GFC:(

You have a choice to follow anyone on any of the companies social networks. They would love new followers (just like you love new friends). I left this optional because I don't want you to like someone for the giveaway and then unlike them after the giveaway. I only review and write about products that I love and hope that you will love them too.

Be nice and play nice! My experience may be different than yours so please respect my thoughts and don't be negative:)

ALL entries will be done via Rafflecopter. ALL giveaways will be open for 5 days and then closed. I will draw all winners and announce them on the 29th of the month (Leap Day!!).

You can go ahead and grab my button and place it somewhere:):):)

I heart cloth event />

(If I did it right it should show up....fingers crossed!)

If I left anything out then I will make sure to update it on that specific giveaway:)