Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cloth diapers or not?

I can picture your face as I mentioned the phrase "cloth diapers". Most likely you also in visioned the old timey ones that your grandmother used. You know the ones that you have to have pins and the wet pants too! I know because that is what I thought and said when the subject was brought to me. I thought, "Really?!? Why would I do that? How could I do that? Eeeewww gross!" I just didn't understand...
First of all, if you don't me then you should know that I am really "prissy". After my parents finally let me wear makeup I wouldn't go get the mail box without dolling up first! lol. I still put on makeup to go the grocery store, to get my little buddy off the bus, and sometimes just to wear around the house. I change clothes sometimes 3 times before I settle on what I am actually going to wear. Sometimes I am a little over dressed but I that's just how I am. I love jewelry, the idea of fake nails (can't afford them right now), coloring my hair, shopping, etc. (~not that you can't be prissy and still be okay with cloth diapers). I just thought that I was too prissy to consider them to be an option for my family.
I thought about the idea of cloth diapers for the majority of my pregnancy with baby girl. I knew that I was going to try to breast feed her (which never worked out for me and her) and I was trying to think up other ways we could save money. I talked with my Mr. and he was okay with me trying them out. I went to a meeting and I really liked them they looked just like regular diapers you just get to wash these....(pictures below)
The inside of the diaper
(the stuffing is already inside)

The outside - purple:)

Baby girl with the diaper on.  

She is so very happy!
This one is my favorite:)

So I took the plunge and one of my parents offered to buy them for me. I LOVE these diapers. I use two different kinds and I would love to try some others I just need to get some money so I buy them and try them out. I am tempted to try the pre-folds, but with a liner that looks kind of like the diapers that I have, (with the velcro or buttons)
I have to confess that I am not fully on the cloth diapers. I use disposables at night and when we leave the house for long periods of time. I also us the disposables at church because I don't know if anyone would actually change her. I hope to be able to get to the point where these are all that we use and I am sure that I will. Baby girl is starting to sleep more at night so I might look into the hemp stuffins because I hear they last longer at night than regular stuffins.
I can also honestly say that when she does go "poo" it stays in the diaper! The disposables allow it to run out the sides and up her back...yuck! I have touched less poo with the cloth than I have with the disposable...( I have a diaper sprayer, made it myself).
They may sound expensive (about $20 a diaper) but I can use these diapers now until she is potty trained and not have to keep buying them over and over. I hate it when I see that we are "low" on disposables, because that means I have to go to the store and buy them again and they will be gone within 2-3 weeks. At least I am not spending $20+ a week just to diaper her. I did choose this route because of the money issue not so I can be green. It helps both areas though!
Thank you for listening to me ramble on about the awesomeness of cloth diapers. If you know someone on the fence about this subject I think they should at least try it. If it doesn't work out there are sites that will help sell them for you and try to get back some of your money for you. I hope that if you read this and you are the one thinking about this subject that it helps you. I do know someone local that can answer more questions and you can even meet with her personally. Let me know if you have any questions...

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