Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here we go again...

My heart sank a little as the doctor described my baby girl as "floppy", (yes that is the awful word that she used). She wanted me to look into Physical Therapy and possibly take her to the Neurologist. I came home and the more I thought about it the more I cried. I began to think "Here we go again...weren't we just here eight years ago, do I have the strength to do this again?"
No one truly understands what it is like to raise a child with Autism, unless you have a child with Autism and even then we are still different because they aren't all the same. My little buddy was diagnosed, by a neurologist, at 15 months. We started therapy and continued with therapy until this summer. He received Speech, Occupational Therapy, and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).  I have worked really hard to help get him to where he is today. I was ready to give him the wings he needed and was prepared to march through heck to get too!
So needless to say, when the doctor looked at me and said "She's kind of floppy." my head swirled and my heart started to panic. I know that I am willing to fight again. I believe the only thing that is going on with baby girl is hypotonia, (low muscle tone). Most likely it will go away by the time she is one or when she begins to walk. She just needs a little extra help in some areas and is only slightly delayed in this area.
I know that God hears our prayers and I know that He will lead us through this too. I know that nothing is put upon me that I can't handle. So I know that I will fight in order for her to succeed. It may be hard work on our part and hers too, but we will overcome this as well! 

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