Monday, November 1, 2010

To be Thankful?

Last year a friend of mine posted things she wast thankful for during the month of November. I thought this was a wonderful way to share positive things that happen everday that we take for granted. I have decided to do this with my family this year. I will post what I am thankful for each day here on my blog and facebook as well.

As for my family, we are going to do it a little different...I have cut up strips of paper and every night at dinner we will be writing down what we are thankful for and putting them in a canister. We will be reading them aloud during our Friday night family time. Then we will make a wreath with our strips to hang up the Monday before Thanksgiving. I will take pictures and show you how this turns out. I am super excited to see what we are all thankful for in our lives. 

As for me, on this first day of November:...I am thankful that God's door is ALWAYS open to talk, because I talk a lot! He is never to busy to spend time with me. I am in constant need to talk to Him because life is crazy.

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