Monday, November 8, 2010

I am thankful for options in schooling...

I have noticed that my little buddy is struggling this year. His therapy ended because Medicaid said he was smart and was on grade level. They apparently don't know anyone on the Autism Spectrum. I am frustrated that I can't get him the therapy that he needs. He needs Speech, OT, and ABA. I am capable of doings these myself but he fights me.
Anyways, he is usually an A/B student and so far this year he has been bringing home A's and B's until he brought home the 24 on a test that dropped that A to a C. Since then he has brought home even more of the same bad grades. I don't understand?!? He is supposed to have a para pro and she seems to be okay with the fact that he is not making the grade this year. When I try to contact her on the phone she is in too much of a hurry to talk about what's going on with him. Now she is talking like they are going to put him in a smaller, special needs classroom. He has been in a regular classroom since Kindergarten (I had him repeat this 2 x's, once in a SDD classroom and once in a reg. classroom.) If we move him into a Special Needs Room he will not understand at all. As a parent I can't do sit back and watch silently to see if he would further regress. I know that I have rights and I am going to have to research them over the next few days since we have a meeting on Wednesday.
So I am extremely thankful for a husband that sees the need for me to stay home, (he wants me to stay home for both of our children). I am thankful that he is open to the idea of homeschooling my little buddy. I am researching my options and I have some ideas up my sleeve to get us out of the house so he is not cooped up here all day. Please pray that we make the right decision. I want my little buddy to prosper. 

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