Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lots been happening!

I've been so busy and life gets away from me and I am finally sitting down for a moment...

What's been going on? LOTS!!!

My husband was asked to be the Youth Pastor for the church that we started attending. He joyfully said YES! So we have been attending meetings and get togethers and praying for the growth of our youth:) I am very excited for him and even more excited to see what God has planned!

Little Buddy is growing by leaps and bounds! School is going We hit a rough patch for a moment and didn't know what to do so we prayed. God is so good! He reminded me that one of the reasons we decided to homeschool was becasue the school was pushing him so hard and so fast that I wanted him to be able to slow down and LEARN. I longed for him to have a SOLID foundation. Yet, when it came down to it I was the one who was pushing him so very hard now. I wanted to STOP. We took a couple of days and reorganized and decided to have 3-4 days of the school work days and 1-2 days of unschooling. A day where we could just sit back and talk about what we are learning. We also can take this day and center our focus on a specific area that we seem to be struggling in too:)

Then my precious baby girl broke her arm and it has been a ride! We were at the park and she was playing and fell off the equipment onto her side. After seeing 3, yes THREE, doctors they pronounced her arm as broken. That first day was really hard for her and she struggled but she is a real trooper:) She soon learned how to use her arm even with the cast. She is actually getting it off tomorrow! I am so happy to see this thing go. I told my husband the first thing I want to do is put her in the bath! HA! We have had to bathe her near a sink or just kind of wash her off and I am ready to soak that baby in some bubbles!!!

So lots has been happening and I hope to get back into routine and writing more soon! I have an amazing giveaway coming next month:) So please stay tuned!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012


I have been homeschooling my son for almost a year! I know I can't believe it:) We have had our ups and downs and it is definitely NOT easy. Still, I think that it is better than sending him to a school where he could be bullied or fall behind. I have tried very hard to "keep him on schedule" but feel like I'm pushing him way too hard and way to fast. I had the thought a couple of weeks ago, "Isn't that one of the reasons I chose to homeschool? I wanted to slow it down so we could focus on the places that he was falling behind."

I began to feel really bad. It's only been a year and I have lost my focus. I have allowed schedules, personal timelines, and frustrations to take over and I have began to PUSH. Maybe, I was thinking that if we could just get threw it then we would be done and I don't have to argue with him. How WRONG I was:(

I have lost the want to do projects, art, and just enjoying him. NO MORE! I have sat in prayer wondering what to do...and this thought came to me. Where is the day to just soak it in, to let it simmer? WOW! I can do that? Saturday's are crazy Sunday's we go to church and then we are crazy busy in the afternoon. So what other day is there?

Enter the Unschooling idea. My thoughts went to this idea. I had read about it but never really gave it much thought. I decided to research it a little more. The more that I read the more excited I became. I still can't let go of the idea of not having any cirriculum but to take a day or maybe even two during the week to reflect on what we are learning. A day to challenge ourselves to read as much as we can. A day to play some board games. A day to plant in our garden. A day to explore art. A day to ___fill in the blank______.

Yes, I need that Day. We actually started last week on Dr. Suess's Birthday. We did art, we read, we played, and we even learned a little. I saw both my children be kids that day and we had a BLAST! I saw them both light up and get excited about school.

We will be making this a part of our homeschool. Isn't that one of the beauties of homeschooling? The option to make changes when you need to for the good of your family. I am extremely excited about this and can't wait to see all the wonderful things that will come from or Unschool Day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


For the past month I feel like I am talking in another lanuage. I thought it was English because it sounds a lot like it to me, but to my family it's foreign. I am now calling it "Momaniese". If you have children then you know what I'm talking about. It's when you say something and they hear something from Charlie Brown.."Bah, Blah, Ba, BaBah". Here are a few examples...

To my son...
"Please pick up all your toys." translation...Bring more from your bedroom because cleary there were not enough in here, thank you!"

"Please don't go to youtube." translation..."Sure, I don't mind what you do on the computer."

"Please go get into the shower." translation..."We are a free family and we encourage you to run around the house naked."

With my son, I tend to get a little more frustrated than I do with daughter because sometimes he translates Momaniese to be something completely opposite than what I actually said. I love him with all my heart but it frustrates me to the point of tears. I sometime have to repeat my self 3 times before he actually hears me. He also has started having somewhat of an attitude, apprently a reaction from Momaniese.

To my daughter...
"Come here, sweetie, it's time to change your diaper." translation..."I would love for you to run away from me as fast as you can, while laughing, and when I catch you then I will wisk you away to your bedroom to change your diaper."

"Please get out of the pantry" translation..."Yes, please eat your little heart out on all the dog food you want, Thank God it's FDA approved."

I am hoping that since my daughter is like me in a lot of ways that she will start to pick up Momaniese at an early age. Then we won't have too much of a hard time as she gets older:) Unfortuantely, I have heard that all children are affected by this.

Yes, I have many more examples of Momaniese. Sometimes they get in trouble because they translanted completely wrong. I think it gets worse as they get older, but after they are fully grown I heard that Momaniese actually gets translated back into English:)

One more of my favorites, applies to both children..."Mommy is on the phone." translation..."This is a perfect time to ask me all of life's questions, cry as loud as you can, do those dare devil stunts that you've been itching to try, ask for food, really anything goes!"

So do you speak Momaniese? What is one of you favorite translations in your home?