Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Days 15, 16, & 17 ~ Spring Challenge

First I have to apologize for being this far behind. I have had a crazy few days and now my little one has a runny nose:( So here we go....

Day 15 ~ Something you don't leave the house without, Why? I made a list...

*Children - b/c I would get in some real trouble if I left them unattended:)
*Glasses - b/c I am truly blind. I really need to go back to the eye dr.
*Wallet - b/c I need it.
*Diaper Bag -  b/c baby usually needs to be changed at least once and she does tend to get hungry:)
*Make - up - b/c I'm prissy.
*Cell phone -  b/c I might need it...what did we do before cell phones??? lol

I think that is all...I have been known to leave a couple of things behind on accident but I have never left my

Day ~ 16...something you miss about your childhood.

WOW! That is hard for me. I had a weird childhood. I will write about it one day but for now I would have to say going to my Grandmothers or my Aunt's house were  heavenly escape for me and I miss being able to escape to there now when I have a bad day and I need someone.

Day 17~ something that you crave....

Well the first thing would be COFFEE and second thing would be CHOCOLATE:) I love putting these 2 things together. Brownies and coffee is absolutely delicious! I love walking to the door of Starbucks (I go rarely) and the smell of coffee is intoxicating. I think if I could make a lotion that would be it coffee and, just kidding:) I do love it:) I just thought of this this....

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