Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 7 ~Spring Challenge

sorry this one is late:(  ***tell about your wedding....

I dated my Mr. for 6 months when we decided to elope:) I really wanted the "Big Traditional Wedding", but my father and step mother very much disliked my husband. They had heard a lot of rumors surrounding him and they thought that I was in danger. If they would have gotten to know him instead of pushing us further away then I would have waited for the big wedding.

Anyways, I rushed over to his house and I proceeded to get dressed (he wasn't there). I just didn't want my parents asking questions...I'm not a very good liar and they didn't know I was getting married that day. I then met three of my friends that I knew wouldn't tell anyone. They carried me over to the courthouse where I met up with my Mr. We said our "I Do's" and exchanged our rings and went to lunch with everyone that had met us there. We even threw the flowers!

Then we rushed back to my house, because my parents were not home and carried everything that we could (that I had packed over the last week) out the door. Mainly it was my clothes and such. Then I left my parents a letter on my dresser. We unpacked the truck at our new apartment and decided to go eat. I then received a page (yes, I had a and didn't answer it because I suddenly was scared. Then they began to page my Mr. and he called them back. I was asked when was I coming home for the night and reminded of my curfew and I told them that my Mr. and I had went and got married. They freaked out a little and then hung up on me.

Now, today they seem to love him and love our children. I've even heard them say they love him more. They realize that they were a little overboard and that I did make a good decision.

IF I would have had the big wedding and all the thrills that go along then I would have....made my colors Pink, Black and White. I would have had the girls wear black with pink and white flowers. The boys would have had Black suits with gray and soft pink highlights (pink mainly in their flowers). I love lilies and would have chosen them as my main flower. I would have kept all the decor simple and shabby chic. I would have had a real wedding dress. I would have had my father walk me down the aisle.

There are a lot more "I would haves" but I still love the way that we were married. I think because we were married so quickly that a lot of people thought we wouldn't make it, but we have been married for 12 years. We love each other more today than what we did when we first were married.

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aleasa said...

there may be some "i would haves" but you have such a thrilling story to look back on!! i don't know if you remember it fondly, but since it has such a happy ending, i consider it a good story! :))