Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 11 ~ Spring Challenge

***the greatest vacation that I've ever had...I have 2 that are neck and neck. I just can't pick one.

The first one would be when my husband and I were celebrating our anniversary and we went to Gatlinburg:) I love going there. I was pregnant and the weather up there that December was extremely cold, (like 17 degrees was the high - which is cold to a Southern!) I loved it though. We walked around and went into all the shops. We had the worst hotel room that I had ever seen but we laughed through it and enjoyed everything. We were able to see the ball drop for New Years Eve and it was so exciting:) I loved this trip!

The next trip would be when we took Little Buddy to the ocean. We went to Mytle Beach and built sand castles and played. He was somewhat non-verbal before this trip and he seemed to open up to us a little more on while we were there. This is one of my favorites because of him. I knew that he enjoyed every minute and that is what matters!

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aleasa said...

oh mu gosh, i totally wanted to go to gatlinberg for our honeymoon. i hear it's nice in the winter. now i have to add it to places i want to visit all over again. any suggestions?