Friday, March 25, 2011

Day12 ~ Spring Challenge

***a photo of the town that you grew up in and what did you love/hate?

I copied this photo from here. The Link will tell you more history if you would like to read:)

I did like our little town. I went to a priate school here and I got my first job as well. My dad and his wife still live there. They keep saying that they are going to move but I don't think that they will. When we go through Buford (name of town) then I start reliving all these memories. When it snowed and my dad took us for a ride to see the town covered in white. Learning how to drive. My first job that I mentioned is also where I met my husband, I can tell you where we went on our dates and where we would go to our lunch breaks. Wow! at all the memories puring in now just thinking back...

This little town has grown up a lot! It holds a huge mall that everyone usually knows (The Mall of GA). That place is HUGE! There are 4 Starbucks within the the immediate area of the mall. Where it was just a two lane now has three of four lanes. Crazy! I don't get out there as much as I want to but I do love going back when I can. I think the only thing that I don't like is the fact that it is so grown up that the traffic is nuts. But all the memories that it holds will always be home for me.


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