Monday, December 13, 2010

On the 12th Day of Christmas....

Over the past 12 days I have participated in trying to win items from I did win a diaper cover and some wipes from, it's a really cute diaper!!! If I am receiving my first pick it is black with hot pink and white flowers:) I can't wait until I get it and try it out. I have cheered for the others that have won items as well. I have really enjoyed this and I hope that she does it again next year.

I have entered to win the 12th Day because I am super excited about what she is giving away! Listen to this...First: is giving away a FREE wet/dry bag. For those that do not know what this is it's a bag to keep your clean diapers from your dirty ones. I think it's super cute and has some really adorable prints. I like Midnight Swirl, Art Deco and Dot will be so hard to choose! Just some of their features: PVC Free and Lead Free Zippers, Reusable to avoid using plastic bags, helping to protect our planet, Reusable to avoid using plastic bags, helping to protect our planet, Resists most stains odors - keeping smells in!

Second: is giving away a diaper rash remedy and prevention cream. It's fragrance free and it it great to use with cloth diapers. I am finding out (through reading) that not all diaper rash creams are usable with the cloth diapers...some of them can cause damage to my baby girls diapers:(

Third: Lena Loves is giving away a dryer ball! You can get to her site here. You can cut your drying time up to 30 minutes depending on how many dryer balls you use. They come scented and unscented too! They are colorful and I think I would love to use these:) They don't have to be just for cloth diapers, you can use these with your regular laundry items! So for the mom that spends forever to dry clothes these might help...just saying.

Fourth: Northern Mom (click here) is giving away this absolutely adorable snowflake diaper!!! If you know me then you know I LOVE snowmen and this is super duper cute! I would love to win this item as well:) I went to her website and I now have a "wish list" for her store, lol. I know, I know...I think baby girl will be getting some cute cloth diapers for Christmas!

I know some would say I am gong a little overboard but I love sharing this with you all. I actually had someone comment that this is all that I talk about...well I am new to this and I am excited about what I am doing. I haven't bought disposables in over a month now! Talk about saving money!!! WOW! Could you imagine how much money (without coupons) that I would have spent in the past month??? The only expense right now is formula:) I am so happy that I ran into a woman who introduced me to cloth diapers when I was pregnant and she didn't pressure me to have to buy them or make me feel bad when I made that face that everyone makes when you mention cloth diapers. Her name is Emily and you can view her site here.

We actually went to church on Sunday with just the cloth diapers. I also made a quick run to the grocery store with just cloth diapers! All the sites highlighted here I have personally been to and looked around so feel free to look even if you don't think that you are interested. Maybe it will give you a visual when I start to talk, and talk, and talk about cloth diapers:)

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