Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas already???

I LOVE this time of year. I love the rush, the shopping, the sales, the give aways, the surprises, the hot cocoa and coffee, and the parties and family get togethers.

I love decorating my house and putting up the Christmas tree as I carefully unpack the ornaments that my son has made over the years. I get caught up on each one as I remember when and why we got each of our ornaments. I have some from when I was a baby, dating my husband, getting married, and the birth of our son. Now I will get to continue that tradition with my daughter. She will receive her first Christmas ornament this year!

Yet, this Christmas is different...I am not decorating the house, putting out all my snowmen (I collect snowmen and I place them all around the house), putting up the lights, or hanging the stockings. We have found out that we are getting a house, as long as everything goes through, we will moving the week before Christmas and the whole first week of Christmas break!

I am super excited, but at the same time I am kind of sad. I have raised my son to love the holidays. He makes me decorate for every occasion!  I really want to do something but can't decide what I can I do for him. I need some suggestions. I don't want to do anything "big" because we have 15+/- days to pack up the whole place and by the way I have only two boxes done because I can't get anyone to save boxes for me:(

This Friday we are headed to the Lego store to drop off his "wish list" and then over to Bass Pro Shops to play in "Santa's Wonderland". They have free games:) and hopefully we will see Santa and get a free picture! I hope that he will enjoy this and hopefully we can make a paper ring to count down the days until Christmas.

I know that it is not about the decorations, and that we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, but I will miss this part. I hope that if we do close on the house in the next couple of weeks that we can at least put up the tree? If not I will have to go buy the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, lol!!!

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