Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I know that this is a little late but hear me out...

Merry Christmas to all that read here:) We had a wonderful Christmas, well it started that way. We had Christmas with my husbands parents on Christmas Eve and my dad's wife's family (not really mine) on Christmas Eve night. All was good and then my little man woke up bright and early at 3am! Yes, you did read that right!!! I was horrified but we told him as long as he went to sleep he could get up whenever he wanted too...of course I am telling this to the child that NEVER sleeps...should have known better. Baby girl was up too so we might as well do Christmas right? Well I started to run a fever so when the baby went to sleep so did I. My husband decided to go out and get some meds and some Chinese food (mainly because of the Christmas Story) and then our trouble begins...

I took my medicine and every time that the baby slept so did I. I didn't feel good at all. I don't think that I actually ate much either:(. Finally we put all the children to bed about 8pm and we went to bed too! My husband woke up around 4am Sunday and was SUPER sick! He now had a stomach bug or maybe it was some bad Chinese (I didn't eat we are hoping that it was bad Chinese food). He continued on his routine visits to the bathroom all day long until he finally passed out around 6ish and I ran a fever all day (again) so we both didn't have a great Christmas but we were thankful that we didn't have to leave the house to go visit anyone! We also felt bad because we missed out on church.

Yet! Yes there is always a positive side...My little man received everything that he wanted for Christmas and loved being able to stay home and play with all his new toys. Baby girl's first Christmas ended up also being a White Christmas, something that we will never forget! I enjoyed watching them play and enjoy the day even though I couldn't be right next to them all day. I am thankful that whatever came upon us has now left our house and I praise God that it didn't affect my children. Plus we learned to never order Chinese food on Christmas Day! (lol)

I hope that all of you also had a wonderful Christmas!

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