Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Coffee Shots?

I had to share this with you! My super cool husband brought home something for me. I tend to drink A LOT of coffee. Which may be the reason that I never I LOVE Starbucks because I can add shots to my coffee and if I drink two of them in one day it's dangerous. I thrive on caffeine and I seem to need it more now since I have a baby and she is in demand of my attention. My husband likes to make fun of me because of my coffee addiction so this is what he brought home to me as a joke:

Catch the phrases: "Limit 2 per day" and "intense coffee shots". They even have a "warning" on!
These things are little and they are super strong. My husband took one and it made him completely "stupid" - he said he couldn't be still nor could he think I took it and stayed up until about 2am and cleaned the whole house:) So if you are in need of something to get you going then I suggest these coffee shots. I don' know where he got them but they work!!!

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