Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not every prefold is the same...

I have found this to be VERY true! I swore that I would NEVER use the ones that you have to fold because that is just too much...HA! I actually almost love them more somedays.With the right cover and a good brand they never have leaked on me!

I originally bought Brand X prefolds because I had won a Zookies cover (review of that cover is here). I also won a Snappi. A Snappi is a stretchy "t" looking thing that is used to hold the prefold together.

The Sea Green "T" shaped thing is what a Snappi looks like. I prefer these over pins because they are super fast when your baby is wiggly:)

I needed something to put on her so she could wear this beautiful cover. But I was finding out that 1: she is was I call an extreme pee pee girl, and 2: I was having to change her every 30 minutes. CRAZY!!! So we only did these at home because I had to change her constantly.

What really threw me for a loop was when I was talking to someone and they said that their baby sleeps in a prefold and a wool cover all night and wakes up with no leaks. How could that be? There was no way we could make it all night and her be okay and not have any leaks in this Brand X prefold.
So I asked around and a lot of people were using Osocozy Prefolds. Could they really be that different? Could they hold up for more thatn 30 minutes? I was curious and so I hunted for them.

Being a stay at home mom though I had to find the best price and I found them I got 5 of them for $10, brand new too! When they arrived I laughed because these things were HUGE! My first thought was, "What have I done?, These will never fit my baby!". I heard that they ran a little big and once you wash them they shrink and become much softer. After I washed them they were right. Osocozy prefolds shrunk considerably and were super soft! I now understood how they could last longer...

I laid beside each  other and you can tell a difference in the thickness....
I laid them on top of each other to show the difference as well.
I also laid them folded side by side...Now you can see why the Osocozy holds up way better next top Brand X.

The white on is Brand X and the brown one is the Osocozy. I have washed them SEVERAL times now and they just keep getting fuller and softer!

So for any first timers like me spend a little time researching and find a good brand of prefolds and don't go with Brand X to diaper your baby:)

I also Googled how to fold them and the Angel Fold works best for us. 

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zookeeper said...

Your Brand X looks a lot like the Brand X I found (brand new) at the bottom of a box of hand me downs. Yikes! They were horrible, and I didn't even save them for cleaning rags! My good quality prefolds I bought as seconds from Little Lions - the last time I checked they were no longer selling them - for around a dollar each! They are great workhorses and are virtually indestructible - so easy to care for! I just bought 2 covers from Zookies - they are so pretty and the quality is exceptional!