Thursday, July 21, 2011

How much did you save using cloth?

I was talking to my husband the other day about an adorable diaper that I saw and I how much I really want it...(side note: it has ruffles and super cute prints!!!) He said we have enough diapers and I don't need anymore. HA! I thought it was a funny statement because cloth is As I giggled and then replied, "Do you realize how much money we have saved since you decided to support me in cloth diapering Baby Girl?". He thought about it for a minute and said, "No, I've never thought of it that way." So he told me to wait on the cute diaper I want and I might get it soon!

So the question still remains how much did I save for the first year? Well, let's see about that...all these prices are without coupons.

I figured that for the first 3 months I would have used at the very least 1,350 diapers! WOW! With the cost of newborn diapers + size one diapers I would have spent: $330 on just diapers!

From 3months - 6months at least another 900 diapers in the trash and I would have spent: $210.

From 6 months - age 1 I would possibly change at least another 1444 diapers and I would have spent about: $368.

This does not include the other stuff you would possibly use, such as:
Wipes...$44 (that's just using 1 per diaper, most of us use a lot more. I am so low on this price...)
*Diaper Pail...$30 (avg cost of just the pail.)
*Refills...$30 monthly ($360 for the year!)
*Throw away bags...$20 if you just buy 5 boxes of these, not including the holder)

How much all together??? Well, I would have spent at the very least $1,362 for diapering for just the first year! BUT I decided to cloth diaper my baby. How much did that cost me?

I started with a package deal: for $212, and I received....
12 diapers (colors & prints that I got to choose!, and I can use these until she potty trains. Plus on the next baby -if there is a #3?- as long as I take care of them.)
1 pail liner (washable!)
I small wet bag (holds one diaper, perfect for quick trips to the store, & washable)
1 med. wet bag (holds 4-6 diapers, perfect for running errands all morning, & washable)

This is a pic of some of Baby Girl's diapers...

*I made a diaper sprayer...$20
*1 small wet bag...$10
*1 large wet bag...$18 (for being gone ALL day our overnight, holds 8-10 diapers & washable)
*Laundry Detergent...$40 (that's for the year! This is based on what I've bought so far...You have to buy certain laundry detergent to keep your diapers working the way that they should.)
*Diaper pail...$10 (it is a small trash can with a lid)
*Pail liner...$18 (I needed two because it just works best for me)
*Flushable liners...$16 (I use these only when I am out for the day, ex. church)
*4 diapers AIO...$50 ( I wanted these All IN ONES because they are super soft and I heard lots about them being great diapers)

How much did I spend??? I spent $394!!! WOW! That is almost $1000 saved! I thought this was absolutely amazing! My husband was thrilled by the way because we are a one income budget family.

While there will always be diapers that I will want to try out on Baby Girl, I really don't have to buy anything else other that laundry detergent & possibly some flushable liners for the next year. But if you are choosing to go with disposables then you are still going to spend about another $1300 + before your baby turns two.

I am happy that I decided to go against the norm and cloth diaper. I have had questions about my water bill, I think it's gone up a dollar...? My husband doesn't mind the extra dollar. Plus she is just too cute in these diapers...

Baby girl in her Zookies cover (top and bottom pic)

I didn't write this to convert anyone, if it does then welcome to the wonderful world of cloth. I was just excited about how much money I saved and I wanted to share it. I say do your own research and see what works best for you and your family! :)

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