Friday, January 14, 2011

My Free Diaper!

Zookies was involed with 12 Days of Clothmas back in December. They gave away this awesome gift...
Everything came tied in with a bright blue ribbon and cards.

This is the diaper I chose, isn't it adorable!

Wipes! Now that I use these I don't buy the other ones:)

My baby girl with her Zookies diaper, (yes we match our clothes to our

I love this diaper cover! I love the print and it was easy to snap too! It is really cute and yes you can use prefold (your grandmothers cloth or a fitted diaper that needs a cover. I also won a "Snappi", (sorry no pic of that I forgot). A "Snappi" for those that don't know, because I didn't, holds the cloth diaper on instead of using pins:) It is really super easy to use. I have to give a huge thank you to Zookies and Cloth Diaper Addiction. Thank you so very much for an awesome 12 Days of Clothmmas and your generosity!

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Amber said...

Hello this is Amber from Life, Love, Green I decided to bop on over and check out your blog since you signed up for my giveaway and let me tell you this is one cute little girl. With a diaper that cute I would be all matchy matchy too!