Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Bear Bums Review and Giveaway!

I am honored to host a review for Little Bear Bums:) The owner, Amy, is super friendly and is very helpful! So are you itching to see what I got to review???

Sorry that it is sideways....
I received this awesome fleece cover in a size medium! It feels like it is 2 layers of fleece. The outside is a beige color and the inside is white. Lots of buttons! I think she will be able to wear this cover for a while.

A close up on the front...notice the "scrunchiness" of the back! Love it! The buttons can overlap too!

I love the legs! NO matter what prefold I have on her this cover hugs her legs and doesn't leave any marks:)

I loved this cover! It is so soft! It was an awesome day or night diaper. Like I said before, she is a very heavy wetter and this with held the night time test for her. She woke up with NO wetness anywhere to be found but in her diaper. I love this diaper as a day time diaper because it NEVER leaks! I have had this cover for a couple of months and it is AMAZING:) I love the snaps because she has conquered the velcro diapers and with snaps she can't get it off....hehehehe! She has recently redesigned them a little so please check out her store and find out what she did...

I also received a couple of fitteds! I received one in yellow and one in purple....

I loved that they were wrapped in twine, so simple and elegant:)
A couple of things I want to point out in this pic...1. it is layered in the middle! Extra protection right where you need it:) and 2. the legs works like gussets! They fit perfectly around her legs to keep EVERYTHING in the diaper where it is supposed to stay!
I love, love, love these fitteds. I am wanting more of these because they were so easy to use. No prefolding them and trying to keep Baby Girl still enough while I try to get it on her. It is almost as fast as the cover themselves. They hold up very well and I would totally recommend these to anyone! Like I said the "scrunchiness" (don't you love my made up word?!) of the leg helped to keep everything in the diaper. I have also used these with the other covers that I love them! They also seem to be less bulky than other prefolds.

My Baby Girl playing in her Little Bear Bum cover before bed!

So are you ready to win a cover and a fitted for your little one???
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Katie Barrett said...

I would love to try one of her wool covers, and her BUM Balm.. I LOVE her fitteds, I used ours so much they finally fell apart! LOL.. Love her wipe bits too!

boyzrule said...

I like the fitted diapers and mamma cloth
debnmike moretti
dmoretti1967 at yahoo dot com

Hannah said...

I'd love to try one of the newborn fitted diapers.

Katrina said...

would also love the Cloth Pad- pantyliner

ykatrina at hotmail dot com