Thursday, February 9, 2012

Zookies Review and Discount!

I have been so blessed to be a newbie and find an awesome PUL cover that I have loved:) I first heard of Zookies through a giveaway at Christmas (2010) and I won one of her covers! I think it was the first thing that I have ever won. You can read my exciting review HERE.

Have you heard of Zookies? Well, if you haven't then you are about too! First of all I love all her prints! She has an amazing assortment. She makes them sized or one sized, hip snaps, the flaps on the inside to hold the prefold in if you use it flat. I have not been disappointed at all by any of her products

She has recently made some changes to her onesize cover and I got to review it! I have one of the original onesize covers and you can read that review HERE. I was excited to recieve the newer version and tell you what I think....

Don't you just love the monkey's!!!!

LOVING all the snaps!!!

I had to show you the inside of the diaper...

I love all the snaps! They don't line up perfectly, what I mean is that depending on what cover I have her in I can make it tighter or looser. They make the fit so much easier than me trying to line it up perfectly with a wiggly toddler. The extra sanps has also helped with the dreaded "wing" that tends to hang down. We have NOT had that problem at all and she wears this cover weekly.

I love that the fit seems to be a little trimmer that the original one which helps with bulkiness. I also love that the legs are snug:) But not so snug that they leave marks.

Overall, I am etremely impressed with all of Zookies diaper covers. It doesn't matter what prefold I have on her they seem to just hug her perfectly. I love that they have NEVER leaked and they keep everything in where it belongs. I have shared the love of these covers with everyone that I know and now I am sharing it with you all! She was so happy to be a part of this event and wanted to give all my readers a discount!

The code is: lovebug15

It will give you 15% off any of her diaper covers but you only have until the 14th of February!!! So head over there and check out Zookies and you will not be disappointed!

If you find her of Facebook then tell her THANK YOU!!!

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