Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just a few of my favorites...

I believe all the giveaways have been posted and I hope that you were able to enter as many as possible:) Next week (Leap Day) all the winners will be posted and you will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen!

Here are a few items that are my favorites and I hope to write about them today and Friday so allow me to share with you in no specific order...

First up is Aliyah's Hope Chest!

I won this adorable fleece soaker from Misadventures of a Family of 8. Aliyah's Hope Chest also has amazingly adorable items in her Etsy shop! If you go check out her FB page (click on her name above) then tell her that I sent you:) I have really enjoyed this soaker. It NEVER leaks and I use it at night all the time because it is jsut simply amazing:) it is very well put together and very simple.

Next...Marshmallow Fluff!

This is the fitted closed the print:D

All the buttons! You can fold down the front to make the rise shorter.

There is a soaker sewn in:)

This is the first fitted that I have won. I was able to pick this cute fabric and waited. I do like it alot and I use it every week. I am glad that this fitted will be able to last a while (size) because right now she is a heavy wetter and I should have thought about that before picking my fabric. I really am waiting on summer to get here and this will be perfect to go outside and play in the yard and allow her bum to breathe. I would love it if you would go say hi to her and check out her page as well:)

And finally United by Fluff...

Love simple packaging...

Amazing fabric choices...

Extremely soft Minkee on the backside!

If you have a baby in diapers then you know then you have to have wipes:). When I first started out I used the disposable ones and as time went on I thought this is so gross and I thought I would rather wash them... So I pulled the ones that I had out of hiding and went for it. It really depends on you how you want to store them, wet or dry. Some people put them in a wipe warmer (google it) or leave them dry and just spray with water or wipe solution. I found its easier to keep them dry and wet them when I need to use them.

These wipes are so silky so soft!!! Right after I opened them I gave one to my daughter and she rubbed it on her face, smiled and ran away with it! She didn't want to give it back to me:)

The more that I wash them the softer they get. I have several wipes and these are my favorites! If you get a chance to go say Hi to her and check out her amazing wipes then tell her that I sent you:)

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