Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tasty Tuesday :P

I love to cook! I love experimenting with new recipes that will just tickle my husband. I feel like I am very creative when it comes to the kitchen. I have made things from scratch and my own creations that actually are really good. I had one of those nights recently....check out these pictures: .

This was Little Buddy's cheese pizza :)

This is my Mr.'s favorite! It is a BBQ Chicken pizza with onions and mushrooms.
This was a great night! The cheese pizza was easy. I used store bought pizza bread in a can (I can't seem to make my own very good yet.) I used a little spagetti sacue and added the cheese...cooked for 15 minutes and DONE! It was delicious. My little buddy loved this pizza:)

The BBQ Chicken pizza was a little more involved. I made it while the cheese pizza was in the oven. I sauteed the onions in a little bit of oil and some garlic, then I added the cooked chicken and let it sit for a few minute while I prepared the bread. I laid the premade pizza bread in a cookie sheet and then drizzled a little BBQ sauce over the top. Then I added the chicken and oinon mixture. Next came the mushrooms (they cook in the oven) and into the oven it went. Fifteen minutes later....Oh my! I thought my husband was in heaven...lol. He even had seconds. That's when I know that it is good.

The next morning we still had some leftover and he ate it cold. He replied, "You know it's good pizza when you can eat it cold the next morning and it is still just as delicious as the night before." I was thrilled. I think this may be something that we do a couple of times during the month. I hope you enjoyed!


RaisingGreenRichmondKids said...

mmmm. That BBQ chicken pizza sounds really yummy. Thanks for visiting. Following you back from the Green mama blog hop.

Anonymous said...

Those look yummy! SO great that you are getting creative and having fun in the kitchen. I love when new recipes and new adventures work out.
I just cooked a venison roast last night from a made-up recipe that the whole family loved! They ate it for lunch today too.

Tat said...

Oh, pizza! I was just stuck for dinner ideas, I think we'll be having pizza for dinner tonight. Following you back from the green blog hop.