Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smart Mom Teething Bling

Yes, I wrote that right. Did you know there was such a thing as "Teething Bling"? I think this is awesome! You know, if you have babies, that they will eventually discover that you wear that pretty necklace around your neck. One day they will reach up with their tiny little hand all innocent and decide to play with your necklace. Then they go for it...they slobber all over your pretty little necklace as you panic because you know they shouldn't do that! What if it breaks? What are they getting in there mouth? How often do you think about actually cleaning your jewelry???

The many questions that go through you mind and you decide, like most mothers, maybe your jewelry should be put up for a little while...WAIT! Smart Mom has a solution!!! You may have to retire some of your pieces but they have a way for you to still feel "girly" and still have your bling!

Again, And Then There Were Four is having another giveaway! They are giving away a Teething Bling Set From Smart Mom. ( a $34 value!!!)  You HAVE to go to their site and check out all there really cute pieces, they even have things for dad! You do have to hurry on this ENDS on the 19th of February. Why are you still reading, go, go, go!!!

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