Friday, June 1, 2012

It's already June?

I got up this morning with full intention to clean, clean, clean. No, my house isn't that dirty but I am pregnant and for some reason I have this urgency to get it DONE! We moved into our home back in August, last year, and we kind of just threw things where they looked good. If you've moved with a baby then you know that there really isn't any way to plan your just do the best you can.

As I sat here a couple of weeks ago I realized that I still haven't put up pictures, really decorated the kid's rooms the way I wanted, my kitchen isn't done (I want to paint and do some other things too), the hallway still needs a paint job to be completed. The list continues as I sit here and I think it just got longer...ugh!

Right after we moved in we were so exhausted from cleaning our apartment so we could get the deposit back that we just gave up here. Then I also went out and got a job and was gone a couple days during the week and almost every Saturday. Life got going and we were caught up in a whirlwind and we NEVER slowed back down. I didn't move to the "country" to continue this craziness of non-stop buziness! I moved here so I could enjoy my children, play and focus on my home. This is the first home I've had in years and I wanted to make it MINE:)

So I quit my job (a whole other post, soon to be written) and decided that being home right now was important. I need to get this "laundry list of to-do's" done before November and now I have to plan on another little one all at the same time.

That's why I can't believe that it is already June! I have 4 months to get this all done and I got a feeling that it's gonna fly by and Novemeber will be here before I know it. Then you know that time will seem to stand still because we are awaiting baby Sweetums arrival and that seems to take forever!

I hope my amazing husband can handle the list I have and I hope and pray that we get it all done!:)

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