Monday, June 11, 2012


With baby on the way we have decided to cut some expenses that were not needed. The first one was our tv package. We LOVE our movie channels and all the different kid channels and so on, but it does start to get expensive. We talked about what we could and could not live without and finally decided to cut our tv bill in half! It had to be done. Now the children play more during the day instead of "having" to watch certain shows:).

We run up our air condition during the day and run fans. We try not to use the lights unless we have to until it gets a little darker. This has cut our electric bill tremendously! If we could hang a line outside to dry our clothes then I so would do that as well, because I am constantly washing clothes.

The final thing we decided to cut was our phones and Internet. We have been spending almost $200 on the "smart phones" and all the gadgets that go with it. We have decided that not only is it EXTREMELY expensive but we don't really need them. Yes, I believe that I need the Internet and I hope to one day have it back. I will be able to sneak away to have some personal mommy time and be able to take my net book with me so I can continue to keep up my blog:)! As for the phones, we have downgraded. My phone does have access to the Internet if I HAVE to, but for the most part it is just to talk, text, and take pictures! I am fine with that too, maybe more will get done around my!

Have you had to downgrade somethings in your life? What was it and how did you handle it???

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