Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Eleven years ago, on the 12th of June, I began to have contractions. You were my first baby and I was more than excited that you were coming!!! I sat there and painted my toes in between contractions and even shaved my legs:) lol! I then called the doctor and they said for me to come on to the hospital. YAY! I had a friend of ousr drive me and we called/paged your daddy to meet us because he was at work.

We arrived to the hospital about midnight and they told me I was going to be sent home because I wasn't "far enough along". I cried because it took almostt an hour to get there. Then my water broke! Bought my ticket to stay. I took whatever meds that they gave me and ended up going to sleep.

I woke up, on the 13th of June, to this amazing pressure and asked to be checked. You were on your way!!! They started to run around the room all crazy and get things set up. I pushed 3 times literally and you were out!!! My precious, little, baby boy:) You weighed 7lb 4oz and were absolutely perfect! Ten fingers, ten toes, a head full of hair, brown eyes, and you were mine! I loved you when I first found out I was pregnant, but that first moment when I laid my eyes on you I fell in love.

Today you are 11 years old! I can't believe it! You are getting so big. You are super talented too! You can draw like no one I've ever met. You can have an amazing talent when it comes to Legos. You are very imaginative and can build anything! You have a a uniqueness with paper and can make anything out of it. You amaze me. You are a really good big brother. You are so compassionate and curtious. Every one always tells me that you have awesome manners. You smile lights up the room and your laugh is contagious.

You have also taught me a lot. You have taught me that there is more that one way to do almost anything. You have taught me how strong I can be and how to use that strength effectively. You awakened the mother bear inside. You have taught me to see things through a child's eyes and learn to sit back and just have some fun.

I love you so very much! You are my first little baby and will always be my baby. I know that you are getting older and I pray that you will become the man that God wants you to be. He has HUGE plans for you and I am excited to see all He has for you. As your mother, I will continue to pray for you forever and I will love you just as much! Happy Birthday!!!

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