Monday, June 4, 2012

Letting go and trusting God...

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had quit my job. Let me explain what happened...

I was sitting at home one week and I have already had a couple of issues arise from that particular job and I was seeking God about it and wanted to know what He thought. All week I prayed and cried over this particular situation because as much as I didn't want to quit I needed to in order to not have the feelings that I had about my job. Don't get me wrong...loved my boss, she really was a great lady to work for and I hope that we remain friends.

But the reason I had taken the job in the first place was to have "play" money. It wasn't meant to be used for items for the home such as needful things that God would take of, i.e. food, gas, etc. It was meant for me to have pocket money. But the longer I worked there the more I depended on the money to come in. I became frustrated when I couldn't get paid because "I needed the money!". We had lost focus on what the purpose job.

As I prayed I heard God ask me, "Do you really trust me?".

WOW! What a statement to hear. I knew that I trusted Him in most things but did I trust Him enough to quit a job that I didn't need in the first place? Could I go that far to rely on Him to provide "play money" when I wanted to do something with the kids? Could I really let go of a job that was beginning to frustrate me, because of me?

Then to just put icing on the cake...My Mr. came home and said that he had been praying about this as well and felt that I needed to quit and be home more. He said that we had lost focus and that he felt as if God was asking if we trusted Him enough to let go of the job and depend on Him. I was floored! God had given us both the SAME message, yes...I cried again (can't help it, I'm very emotional when I'm pregnant:)).

YES! I told Him YES! I would depend fully on Him. He has provided for our family when it didn't make sense that we were making it and He would provide for us now. I will say that since then I feel so much better. My house is cleaner and the children are happier. Everything seems to be at peace. Praise God for leading my family in the way that He wants and has planned for us!

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