Thursday, October 13, 2011

What kind of blog are you?

I have been blogging for almost a year, my "Blogaversary" is the first of November. I have been writing on and off because of learning to home school, raising a new baby, and then moving. Of course there are times that I just didn't know what to say or didn't want to share my life at that moment. I love to write because after being home all day with a child that doesn't talk much and a baby...I need some grown up conversation. So I blog.

Over the past year I have noticed that there are different kind of blogs. There are informational ones, anything from homes to Autism to breastfeeding. There are personal ones, where they share every bit of their life's journey and you feel like you are right there with them. Then there's my favorite...the review/giveaway blogs. I love that they share all the info with you on a product. Trust me if I had money I would be broke from all the stuff that I fall in love with.

So what kind of blog do I really want to be? I would love to share our everyday stuff that I think someone would like to read and enjoy, but I would LOVE to learn how to be a review/giveaway blog as well. I wish there was a blog to tell you how to start this too!

I send out emails to different companies to see if they are interested in some one to review their product and I never hear back?.? I have heard back from a few...Zookies! (love them), Moms Crafts 4 U (super sweet), Snack Taxi (cute bags), and I have one more coming!!!  (I can't wait to tell you about her store!!!....keeping it a surprise for now. ) So if you have taken a chance on me thank you! I am forever grateful and I still tell people about you and your business.

My question is how do you do this? Is there a secret sign up place that I don't know about? Do you have to drive the business people crazy before you actually hear back from them? I am asking for thank you for any and all information:):):)


Lori @ La-La's Home Daycare said...

I have never contacted anyone. One person contacted me through email for a review. I knew the brand so I did it and a giveaway. This giveaway, to mail it came out of my pocket. The other company contacted me as well. The giveaway is going on right now. They will ship to the winner.
But to answer your question, I read on the internet, to keep asking. All they can do is tell you no. Now I have never asked anyone. But looks like I will have to if I want to do giveaways.
Say on your blog that you are PR friendly. If you do twitter, you can say that there too. They watch the blogs, believe me.
Also maybe find out how many visitors you get a day/week to keep track of.
Also use Rafflecopter as a way for people to enter, it's just easier and some people turn away if we don't use it. It takes a couple of days for an invite to be accepted.
I hope this little bit helped.

I'm gonna try and make your pumpkins. :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for all the info!