Monday, October 31, 2011

Is ignorance bliss?

I have written about this before but my son was diagnosed with Autism at 15 months. I love him with all my heart and it breaks my heart when I hear how people react to the word "Autism". I was recently around a person that kept making comments and hurtful things and as a mother I couldn't stand it any longer. How dare you say anything negative about child that is not yours? It really shows how ignorant you truly are when you continue to make comments after you know. To me it's no different than making fun a child with cancer. That is how cruel your actions seem to another person.
Many people will NEVER know what I go through during a week. You never see the meltdowns that he has behind closed doors. You never see how he cries because he thinks that he has no friends. You never see the dance he does before he has to go to the bathroom. You never see how he struggles to make a simple sentence with his spelling words. You never see the looks or hear the whispers that I get when we are in public. By the way these were just a handful of things off the top of my head.

Yet, on the other hand...You may or may not see how truly smart he is in just about everything. He is an amazing artist. He can build anything out out Lego's or paper. His most recent paper building is Bugs Bunny's Home...I will have to take pictures and show you later. He has a smile that will liven up your day. He is really sweet and tells me all the time that he loves me. He is an awesome helper and great with his sister. He is extremely passive so he isn't the first one to throw a hit. I have had to tell him to hit back - only circumstantial and not all the time. But if he doesn't then sometimes the other kids won't stop hitting on him. I have also taught him that there is no shame in walking away.

So unless it's your child that your exposing all their social faults to the public around you, then keep your mouth shut. Because when you are supposed to be the "grown up" it is definitely not cool for you to talk about kids that aren't yours in such a negative fashion. You don't know what that parent goes through and how hard they fight for their child. I am an open book and will answer any question. But you need to educate yourself before you speak. Your ignorance isn't bliss it is just plain ignorance.

Sorry, I had to vent...but mama bear came out and I couldn't breathe.

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