Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coffee perfection...

As you know I am a coffee addict! So with that being said I have to need my coffee.I always make it early & I drink it all day long. I like it hot, I like it cold, with ice, lots of cream & a little sugar...I love coffee! I love all the flavored creamers. My favorite so far is the peppermint one...hopefully will be back soon!!! If my house could smell like Starbucks then I would be in heaven:)

I have only had one really nice coffee maker and it started to leak water so it got tossed, (by my husband). My latest coffee maker was a hand-me-down and it worked. So I would set it up to brew my coffee every morning. Then one morning I went in and it didn't brew my coffee! Oh no! I checked to make sure I put water in it, because I've done that before. Yep, it had water. After a few minutes & finally coming face to face with my denial...I declared my beloved coffee maker dead. :(

Died on 9/21/2011 :(....my ugly beloved coffe maker.
SO what was a coffee addict to do?!? I need my coffee! I thought for a minute and remembered that we had something that I could use...could this work?

Yep, old school percolator!
Could this be my life saver today? I had only used it a few times while camping. It worked then, so why not now. I prepped it and placed it on the stove & prayed. Moments later I heard it working. I was so excited! I know that it is so not the same but it makes me coffee.

I've been doing this for almost a month now and I have learned that I cannot rush the process. If I want really good coffee I have to allow it to do it's thing on med/high heat for about 20-30 minutes! For me that is a long time to wait on coffee. I would much rather have it ready for me when I wake up, but right now that is not a possiblity. At the moment this coffee addict is just happy to have coffee in the morning.

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