Monday, October 17, 2011


Since I've been cloth diapering I am more aware of what we throw away. I hate to admit it but living in the apartment we would empty the trash can daily. Ouch! Now that we have moved into the house, we have began to recycle. We are super excited to be "helping" our planet. I know that we could have done it in the apartment but it was just a little crazy to figure it out. What we are finding out is that 90% of our trash is recyclable!!! WOW! That is crazy! I can't believe it! I looked in the trash can & the recycle can last week and the recycle one was stuffed full and the the regular trash can had only 1 bag. (They are both 96 Gallon trash cans!)

I have been teaching Little Buddy what it means to recycle. It really cute to hear my son yell out, "This has a triangle on it!!". We are teaching our children that this in important. We want them to see that we can make a little difference in our world.

We have even be up cycling. We've used cereal boxes as paper holders. We even decorated them so they are really cute. We use toilet paper rolls for art projects. We hope to use some milk jugs to start planting some seeds for our garden we want to have this spring. We have stacked some boxes together to make a "secret hide out". Have a little imagination and go wild!

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