Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

As children we would cling to every word from the weather man when there was a chance of snow. We would drive our parents crazy asking, "When is it coming?". We would be so giddy with excitement that we could explode and don't even mention sleeping. We would dream of having a snow day and couldn't wait to get all bundled up to go outside and play.

Now my children are able to experience the same thing...well, at least one of them. My little buddy was so excited on Sunday when he heard there was snow on the way! He cleaned his room and put a chair in front of the window and waited. He continued to wait a long time and I allowed him to sit patiently. He would ask over and over, "When is it coming?" and "Where is it?". He also kept asking, "Do we have to go to school tomorrow?".

Finally his waiting paid off as the clouds opened up and a shower of snowflakes fell from the sky. He came running into the kitchen; grabbed me and pulled me to the window. We sat in amazement as the snow began to blanket the ground, the cars, sidewalks, and the street. He proceeded to get up and brought back clothes (2 pairs of everything) and asked if he could go out now. Unfortunately, it was like 11pm and I couldn't allow him to go out that late. I told him if he would wait until the morning we would go out and play tomorrow and I would even make him some hot chocolate when he was done. He agreed and off to bed he went.

The next morning was beautiful! We woke up to a gorgeous blanket of snow, 5-6 inches of snow! We have been stuck inside and school has been called off due to the winter storm. My little buddy was thrilled. He went out with daddy and played...I am glad that he had a good time playing in the snow.

my Mr.

My little buddy, my Mr. and notice the truck it is FULL of snow :)

All these pics were taken from my window...the baby was asleep.

Little buddy got daddy with a huge snowball!!!

Food for thought...Jesus is kind of like snow. Hear me out. We have our flaws (holes in the ground), sin (yucky stuff on the ground) and so on. If you could see on someones inside the skeletons that we all hide from one another then you would know that we are not that pretty at all. Then the snow comes and puts a beautiful white blanket over the entire ground. You don't know what is under there and you don't really care. All you want to do is play in the snow. God knows us, Psalm 139, He knows everything!!! We may try to hide things from Him but He knows. Then Jesus' blood was shed for you and covered all the all sin and flaws and made us white as snow!

Not only that but to take it one step deeper...You can't see the ground once the snow covers it. I haven't seen one person outside looking for the flaws in the snow or trying to uncover the snow to find the holes or the dirty ground. Then why do we do this to our fellow Christians? We try to see past what God has done in their lives and we try our hardest to dig up their past and their flaws and point out when they fail. We shouldn't do that!!! We should see the beautiful person that Jesus sees when He looks at us. He no longer can see what we once were just what we are today in Him...beautiful!

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