Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Attachment wearing

Here we go onto the next subject...Baby wearing! I have to admit that I am in love with "wearing" my baby. Here is a picture...

I started off with the Moby. I knew a lot of moms with this brand and said that it made "baby wearing" a lot smoother. It never hurt my back and I would wear her while I typed, cooked, cleaned, walked the dogs, went to the name I wore her through it. If I had known about the ones for the shower when she was this little then I would have worn her there too! I also have a sling and I thought it was a little easier to wear. It was easier to get her in and out of that one anyways. If I had one that I could wear her on my back then I would, especially when she is having a bad day. I will be looking for one in November!!!

I felt most comfortable "wearing" her. I knew that she was safe, especially in the store. No one really "touched" her when she was a baby. So she stayed healthy the only time she was sick was when she had a severe ear ache from teething! She was also diagnosed with severe reflux and needed to be held in an upright position for at the very least 20 minutes after eating. She was a slow eater and then to have to hold for the additional time I was holding her for about an hour every time. This was a good solution for us. She also was diagnosed with hypotonia and the doctor suggested wearing her because it could help to improve her movements because she would feel me move. In this way it was kind of therapeutic for her. I was happy to help:)

I did wear Little Buddy when he was a baby. He probably weighed about 10 lbs at the time and I wore him with a Snuggli and HATED every minute of it. I was in tears about 30 minutes in, I couldn't believe that it hurt me that badly to wear something that was so tiny. Never again did I wear him. It was the stroller always! :)

Benefits to "wearing" your baby:
* Fact: most babies cry less when they are held.
* They naturally feel calmer and have a greater sense of security
* It  is a convenient way to provide this warmth and security as you are going about your daily routine.
* I know that she is happy.

Cons to baby wearing:
* You don't normally carry a stroller so there is no where to put items if you go shopping.
* Makes it a little difficult to go to the bathroom.
* Sometimes it's difficult to carry your baby bag.
* Insert yours here______________?

I will say that you do HAVE to wear your baby in the correct way! Your baby's head should always be close enough to kiss. If you can't kiss their head they are too low and you will hurt your baby or yourself. Read reviews, ask your friends, and research the carrier that you are interested in buying. You may be surprised that someone may have one that you can try out before you buy! I have tried a couple and still haven't found that "perfect" back carrier. This is something that you will wear so make sure that you are comfortable. You wouldn't buy your clothes/shoes too little or too big and the same here!:) You want to feel confident in your carrier and know that your baby is safe.

What's your thoughts? What's your favorite carrier?

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