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Mama Cloth:) Review & Giveaway!!!

We have a Winner!!!YAY! I love giveaways:) The winner of the Mama Cloth set from Moms Crafts 4 U picked by was # 14 and that blessed person was Raquel! I have sent you an email hope to hear from you soon! You have 48 hours:)

I've been hearing a lot about Mama Cloth over the past few months and it seems that everywhere I would turn someone was talking about this product. The very first time I heard about these I thought who would want to wear these...that is so gross! Then I started thinking I might be able to wear these...hmmm, but could I actually wash them? What would my hubby think? What will other people think? My head began to swirl with thoughts and the "...but What's?". So naturally I told myself that I would NEVER do this. I could never wear & wash something that should be thrown away.

I then started to do a little research about whats in our throw away pads...I found out that companies are not required to list ingredients on their labels. Some of the toxic ingredients found in the disposable pads are aluminum, alcohol's, fragrance additives, and hydrocarbons. The bleaching processes of tampons leave behind dioxin. Dioxin is a toxic chemical (chlorine-compound) linked to cancer, immune system suppression, ulceration, pelvic inflammatory disease, reduced fertility, changes in hormone levels & even endometriosis.

This scared me. The pads that I had used all my life could be hurting me. I decided that I had to start hearing these women out completely. I wanted to know more about cloth pads! I was excited to find out that most women found they didn't cramp as much and some even said their period was shorter. Eventually the benefits outweighed my fears of trying something new. That's when I realized that was all it was...a fear to do something different than the norm. I already was the only person that I knew (other that a couple of friends) that were cloth diapering their baby and I didn't want more opposition from my family and friends.

So now I was ready but my hubby said no! So I decided if I could just someone that would allow me to try out their pads (as a review) then I could possibly get my hubby to say ok to a purchase later on:) I reached out to MomsCrafts4U and she generously sent me 3 cloth pads to try out. 
1 - Monkey Flannel Pantyliner, 1 - Blue Cotton Regular, 1 - Rust Cotton Heavy Flow

Folded up so it's easy to transport them:) Fits in the palm of your hand!
I was super excited! I tried them out and they were AWESOME!!! I will never ever wear disposables again! I am officially converted:) I couldn't even tell that I had them on, they were so soft. They didn't bunch up and twist and become uncomfortable, but moved with me. I couldn't believe that they could have been this amazingly comfortable. I love these! I didn't leak either. I wore them out on several occasions and they worked perfectly. I carried a small wet bag (you can find these on her site as well) and no one ever knew. My hubby didn't even know! Usually with all the wrappers from the disposables he knows and this time he had no clue. I told him what I had used them and he was fine since he didn't have to "see" anything:)

I washed them with my towels and hung them to dry. You can use the dryer if you want but I was trying to be careful with them and keep them "like new". They didn't stain. I rinsed them off a little and put them in a small wet bag under the sink until I needed to wash them. So how many do you need? That is up to you and your flow. Most women (from what I have read) have at least 12 - 20+. Since you normally change about 6-12 times a day. I almost think that once you try you might become addicted:)

So, now that I've told you about my experience how would you like to win a set for your self? MomsCrafts4U is generously offering one of my readers a set of 3 - 8" cloth pantyliners or mama cloth pads (Cotton topped)!!! With so many colors and patterns what will you choose?

SAMPLE Cloth Mama Pad .. Maxi With Wings

If you just can't wait to win and NEED some now you can buy them by clicking here!

If you would like to try and win then the listen up and I will tell you how...& have fun:)
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