Friday, May 20, 2011

Hazelwood Necklace Review!

I contacted Inspired By Finn (famous for their Amber Necklaces) about their Hazel Wood necklaces. I have never read a review about this product and the effect it had on babies. So I was dying to know if it would work for us, well actually for baby girl and her reflux. You can read below in my blog posts where she was diagnosed with Sandifer Syndrome.

Why a Hazel wood necklace and how is it supposed to help? ~ Beaked hazel wood can relieve acid-related ailments such as acid reflux, ulcers, heartburn, and other acid-related ailments. Our necklaces are a great remedy to take the edge off of heartburn and morning sickness during pregnancy. Hazel wood also helps relieve skin problems such as (psoriasis, eczema, acne, and diaper rash) constipation, headaches, migraines, canker sores, and the occurrence of dental cavities when these ailments are related to excessive acid in the body (and sometimes they are not). Historically hazel wood has also been used as a teething remedy, but our customers’ experience tells us that generally Baltic Amber provides greater relief for teething discomfort than beaked hazel wood. Overall, it is very important to our physical well-being to maintain a slightly alkaline balance in the body. This can be difficult for many to achieve as the diet in our culture tends to be too high in sugars and sugar substitutes, white flour, processed foods, and animal protein, and too low in fruits and vegetables. When the body becomes more acidic than alkaline the medical condition of acidosis develops. Acidosis weakens many of the body’s systems that help keep it healthy and disease free. (from their website)

Yes, It worked!!! I really do believe that this necklace has helped her tremendously! She was having "episodes" all day long for hours and now she may have one or two episodes if that a day:) Now I am able to target what foods to stay away from and which ones are safe for her. I love that it is a simple necklace and goes with everything. We chose the hazel wood with amber, but they do have colorful one too. 

She wears both necklaces all the time. A couple of weeks ago we lost them both and I was panicking. She was a completely different baby without them. She screamed more, starting having the "episodes" more often, and she was completely restless. I was so thankful when I found them. I am now very careful where I lay them (can't wear them in the bath and shouldn't wear them while sleeping) and put them on as soon as I can:)!

my sweet Baby Girl with both of her necklaces:)

I am so happy that I found this necklace and I am thankful that Inspired by Finn allowed me to review this product at a discounted price! I have one of their Amber Necklaces as well and you can read my review for that here. I would totally recommend all of their products to any of my friends and I have:) These necklaces are also for adults not just for babies or children.

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