Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa vs. Jesus

We finally had the "talk" tonight. You know the one....Santa isn't real. I had dreaded this conversation for many a reasons. I didn't know how he would take it due to him taking everything so literal. Looking back I don't even know how it all began, his belief in Santa. I just don't think I ever told him not to believe. It always seemed so magical and all the shows at this time of year I honestly think he just picked it up. It also doesn't help when family members encourage this belief. So we allowed it until this year.

We got to talking and we started to compare Santa vs. the real reason to celebrate...Jesus.

lives in the North Pole
isn't real, make believe
only brings me a present if I am good
jolly, fat man
doesn't know anything about me
only comes around once a year
just a man
has flying imaginary reindeer

lives in my heart (well, the Holy Spirit does)
is very, very real
loves everyone good or bad - He gave His life for me
a amazingly strong man
knows EVERYTHING about me...(Psalms 139)
walks with me daily and I can talk to Him whenever I want
the King of Kings, our Saviour, Prince of Peace...
has the most amazing angels you've ever seen!

So, how did he take it? He did awesome. He had a few questions and that was about it. I did tell him that it is not his job to tell others that there is not a Santa. I told him if he still wanted to pretend then that's ok too.

But after comparing the two..I'd rather him believe in Jesus.

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