Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where does the time go?

I feel like I just wrote something on here a couple of weeks ago and just looked & its been a month! WOW, that's just crazy. Now that I look back it makes sense though. We have been through a lot his month and I will share with you all of it...some happy and some sad.

We have lost people we loved this month. A dear friend of mine lost her grandfather and it broke heart to how hard she was grieving. So I have been praying for her and her family and that God will comfort them daily. Then my husband lost his grandmother to cancer. This broke his heart. He was happy in the sense that she was no longer in pain and hurting but rejoicing in the heaven. Yet, he knew how hard it would be on the family that lived so close to her. That had cared for her so diligently and lovingly til the very end. To top it off his work gave him a guilt trip about wanting time off...the legal amount of time they are supposed to give you. I felt bad for him.

We have also celebrated this month as well...Little Buddy turned 10, yes 10, this month. I can't believe that my Little Buddy is double digits. I feel like time is going way too fast and I have this need to slow it down but can't find the button to do that. No matter how old he gets he will always be my baby. He is growing up with so much personality and I love that! He is a child after God's heart and learning how to find Bible scriptures. Which he thinks is really cool! I do too:)

Now Baby Girl is starting to walk and she just turned 10 months this month! I can't believe that she will be walking before she turns one. She still only has 2 teeth. She is so funny. She loves to dance, give and blow kisses, eat, play and just be cuddled. I am still looking forward to her sleeping all night, but hopefully that will come soon. I have had a couple of nights that she only woke up once...those were great nights:)

Then I think one of the most exciting news, for me anyways, is we finally settled on a house! Whats even cooler than that is how it all happened...I was angry and upset about not finding one. Our real estate agent we were using was awful. He was just really negative and he drove us crazy. So my Mr. & I talked about going with someone else, but who? So I sat down and prayed. We have ministering Angels around us all the time and so i sent them out. I wanted them to help send (or find) us a real estate agent, a Christian one. I wanted them to find us the perfect house. God already knew what we wanted because we had already brought that before Him. I wanted everything to go the way that it needed to and to move by the middle of August (We didn't want to renew our lease).  GOD DID EVER THING WE NEEDED!!!! How awesome is that? It is an adorable 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with a fenced in backyard and a huge front yard in a really cute, established neighborhood. Now that only thing I have to think about is what colors to paint it!

This month has been exhausting and crazy and exciting but I wouldn't change it. Thank you for hearing (reading) me ramble on and on but I haven't written in a hot minute and I thought today was a good a day as any:) 

Oh! and a little teaser...I have a giveaway coming really soon! I just have to write my review but if you are interested in "Momma Cloth"...then just watch for it this July:) I am super excited!!!

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