Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What a wonderful surprise!

We recently found out that I am pregnant! Harris baby number 3, aka Sweetums:) It's not what "we" planned as far as timing but it is wonderful and exciting blessing!

I don't really want to announce by due date but we are due right before Thanksgiving. We have a lot to do before then. I have to rearrange some things so we can have room for a new baby. We can't wait to start shopping for some things that baby needs. I am also excited to share our journey along the way...

A few of things I've already decided:

1. Of course I'm going to cloth diaper again. I already have some diapers for 10+ lbs but because they are OS (onesize) they tend to be a bit bulky. Now the search is on for itty butty fluff that will take us from newborn to about 15lbs! I will be looking at prefolds and even some that fold down for the umbilical cord. I love the little things, like itty bitty fluff...hehehe!

2. I AM, I AM, I AM going to breastfeed. I will need LOTS of support on this. I have failed with the first two and I so badly want to triumph in this area. I tried with baby #1 and he lost weight and the doctors told me that I had to bottle feed:(, and then baby #2 was hardly ever with me after I had her (the nurses would whisk her away and forget to bring her back) and I believe that they fed her bottles even though they knew that I was trying to breast feed.I did try to pump but my milk dried up and the doctor told me that was normal. SO with this one I will have to be firm about my decision and I plan on going to classes.

3. I already have a boy and a girl so we will let this baby be a SURPRISE!!! We have decided not to find out until the day of arrival:) I think this will be hard some days but I also think that the day when my son gets to walk out and announce to a room of family and friends, "IT'S A ______!" It will be a huge honor for him and he will be thrilled!

4. I know that most people that know me will think that this one is crazy because I'm not good when it comes to pain, but I am thinking about a natural childbirth as well. I may not have the help that I need after baby #3 decides to come and I have heard that you feel better and move better after a natural childbirth. I am thinking about mind on this could change and I will accept that but at the moment I am doing my research:)

I ask that you pray for us a smooth and wonderful pregnancy! Thank you so very much!


Shaky Mommy said...

Congratulations! Hope the pregnancy goes well!

Mrs. Z said...

Congrats! I breastfeed. I cloth diaper. I have two kiddos, a 4 yo boy and a 1 yo girl. We have a lot in common! I just wanted to give you encouragement in the area of natural childbirth. You can read my personal story here
It is through God that I found strength to get through my first natural childbirth. He was my strength. I completely surrendered and let Him take over...and I'm so glad because it was the most incredible experience I've ever had. And the pain was, honestly, less painful that my contractions leading up to delivering her. True story. =) So I pray that you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery!

Shannon said...

Congratulations! And I hope that breastfeeding goes better for you this time around. Feel free to link up the weekly breastfeeding blog hop, it's a great way to have support weekly on a different breastfeeding topic. If you have a local La Leche League, I would definitely try to get to some meetings even before baby is here. They were so very helpful when I was going through my daughter not gaining weight at the beginning. Now, she's 18 months, still nursing and we still go (and I'm pregnant again too).

I wish you the best of luck! If you want to read my posts for the weekly bf hop, my page is My post for this week should be up tonight!

Melissa said...

Thank you al for your congrats and encouragements. I can't wait to go see the posts and blogs you have posted:)